Best Player for 78 rpm shellac records and hardware


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Nov 24, 2008
Dear friends

I have a coleection of 1200 shellac records from 7" to 12" and speeds from 72 to 82 rpm . I request a discussion as which is the best suited medium range Direct Drive turnable with mono cartridge with good tracking and for these treasures to be listened.Also suggest a (hardware ) amp if any to reduce the surface noise, hiss, of these records with the necessary options.
Hi srinivas
I was also looking for best way to play records (see another thread in this section). From the information I have gathered It is best to look for old high end record player (Grundig etc.). There used to be rumble and noise filter circuits in old days but it will be difficult to find them. As magnetic stylus will be more sensitive to surface noise go for ceramic stylus. There is also a company in USA "crosley" who still manufactures vintage looking all speeds records players. I dont know how they sound. since we listen to old songs there is no need for powerful amplifier. If any new information comes by I will tell you. Please share the information if you come to any conclusion.
hi all
nice to see talks about 78 rec
best player is to get garrard rec changer with original garrard cart/stylus
it has got 4 speeds 16/33/45/78
the garrad has a ac motor
with a idler wheel to drive slight rumble sound for magnetic cart
just now got a rarely used changer in mint condtn sl 95 no dont exactly rembr
try listening 78 rec on original gramophone
hmv 105/ 114 with a 5a 5b sound box
its antique very good sound quality loudness nice vocals

garrard 3000 tt /95 gramophones 105 /114 and with lots of original box packed steel needles 74 boxes hope so
Dear Raghu

I have mostly english orchestration of yehudi mehnin, meera(tamil film) , Shakuntalai (tamil film)by MSS, Broadcast labels and HMV, Columbia of K B Sundarambal and Chembai Vaidyanadha bhagavathar.Not any in telugu or Hindi.BY early 50s 12" 78 rpm was stopped.

can you please send me pm with telugu and hindi 12" vinyls
Hi, for 78rpm records (78s) the best option would be a Garrard. Try the SP series but a good one might be hard to find. Some of the modern Project turntables work with a 78rpm adapter (which is basically a pulley with a broader radius) and belt. However, the next challenge (and the more important one) is the type of stylus you use. EEI's sapphire tip flip-stylus with a ceramic cartridge would have been great. However, Shure does manufacture stylii especially for 78 rpm record playing. Do a bit of googling and you'll have your answer. A word of caution, the old Garrards were mechanical masterpieces and hence, the mechanics related to the arm drop and return would be dependent on the turntable speed, hence you'll have a very swift and jerky arm return while playing 78s.
I have a radiogram with philips tube amp and garrard changer.The player is fine but the amp is not working.Tubes need to be replaced.Also have an ampligram of hmv with garrard changer there too i have to replace the valves which i dont get . With ronnet cartridge the depth is more better than what i listen to in a philips 3 speed player.
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