best settings for ps3 on 720p tv


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Oct 25, 2009
hey guys
whats the best settings in ps3 when watching SD and HD content on a 720p tv? there are options in ps3 xmb display setting and when watching movies by pressing triangle u get some AV options.
the little i've seen SD (divx, vobs etc) looks quite bad and my pioneer dvd-p connected thru component looks much better.
so maybe there are some settings to be altered ? what do you'll have for SD/HD?
also best settings for ps3 media server ?
also have you'll noticed this issue -
my tv native resolution is 1366x768 ie 720p as per tv's website (lg)
so max resolution should be 720p or max 1080i
but now when i hv the ps3 connected via hdmi the tv shows 1080p!! thats strange na.
also when i switch from hdmi to any other input and then back again to hdmi the tv takes 2/3 secs to display the picture. it says 'connecting....' is this normal?


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Dec 12, 2009
Viet Nam
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Jun 18, 2009
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Hmmmm, here is my take on PS3 video settings, And I hope you are using the HDMI..
1. Change the (Settings->Video settings->) BD / DVD Upscaler to Full screen. That'll basically set it to 1080p upscaling. In your case it seems you've already set it to 1080p. But do a double check during the playback. You can press the triangle button on the controller and it'll pop up a on screen menu. Go to the AV settings icon and check the settings. You can change the settings on the fly too using this menu.
2. Change the (Settings->Video settings->)BD / DVD Video Output Format (HDMI) to RGB. Also change the RGB range to Full (in Display Settings->RGB Full Range (HDMI)). This again can be done on the fly using that triangular button during playback.

For Media Server I've already posted the best settings I've found for Wireless connection. Check it here,
Max. Bandwidth : 18 (you may try different values)
Mpeg2 video quality settings : keyint=25:vqscale=1:vqmin=2
Also I've changed the multicore support to 2 cores.
Hope this helps.

About your TV showing 1080p, it's normal as the signal coming from the PS3 is 1080p signal and your TV can receive 1080p signal and convert it to the native resolution, i.e 720p. So that part you need not worry.
About the TV taking 2-3 secs I think it's normal. Either PS3 is trying to change the output from other signal type to HDMI or TV taking time to get the signal.
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