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Nov 23, 2021
Hi Friends,

My current Home Theater setup:
1. Benq DLP Projector (720P 16:9)
2. Yamaha RX-V6A 7.2 (Atmos support)

I am planning for an an Atmos set up. I am currently using Google's Chromecast 4K. I am well aware that, when I insert the Chromecast directly to receiver, it will only provide 2.1 output.

My question here is, which streaming device or any additional device between my Chromecast and AV Receiver, can give me the Atmos effect or 5.1?

When I searched online, I end up with Apple TV, which has the facility to give the 5.1 output to the receiver. The cost of Apple TV 4K is being too high and like I mentioned earlier, my projector is just 720P, I am looking for an alternative. Let the alternative be lesser than the cost of apple tv.

Apple TV 4K : 20,900 INR

I have no plans of introducing a TV in my room or a 4K projector or even a 1080P, so kindly avoid that answer.

Thanks & Thank you' s in advance,


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Jun 25, 2011
You can go for fire stick if you want atmos otherwise chromecast is best. imo spending 20k on aptv is a waste with no app sideloading and 100 apple restrictions, better to buy a nvidia shield at that price point...or you can do what I did and get a nuc if you already have an ssd+ram it will cost 15k-20k and support everything through kodi
Indeed. My ATV is the most difficult device to incorporate in the mix. I just cannot use my android phone, linux laptop and each and every computer to control it. Even with my 2019 macbook pro I cannot play lossless through atv. All my earlier apple devices cannot control it. My 2012 mac mini cannot control it. Discovered the limitations when I signed up for Apple Music last week. Still discovering the limitations. The only method that gives bit-perfect audio is if you use an external dac with iphone/ipad/macbook/mac-mini. And if you just heard a good piece of video on youtube or song on google play or amazon, just don't waste your time playig it on the ATV. ATV hi-res is a big mess currently.

And then there is chromecast ultra, which is a much better device than the ATV. There is one thing that google did better than apple. None of their devices have dangerous 240v coming side the device. They are all powered by external 5v power supply. ATV, Airport Express, etc all have a SMPS inside the unit. So you have 240v coming inside the device, rectified by a diode having a bulk capacitor connected to it. Since 240v is RMS, you actuall have 240 x 1.414 = 274 volts being switched to give 5v and 3.3v. One of my Airport Express has already blown. Electrolytic capacitors handling that kind of voltage will fail one day and it is just a matter of time. In case of chromecast, all you have to do is replace the power supply rather than throwing away the unit.
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