BigBazaar offers FREE Airtel DTH home demo


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Mar 23, 2009
I were to bigbazaar (hyderabad) today and came accross their electronics section displaying Airtel DTH in all of the LCD TVs in display.

On enquiry, got a good interface demo of the STB and also was allowed to play with the remote.

Was really not impressed with the PQ but everything else, (look and feel of the UI, navigation, feel of remote etc), was upto the mark.

When enquired, the sales person commented on multi TV splitter being attached to the set top box and that degrades quality.

He also commented that a lot of customers turn their back after having such demos and so airtel is offering a home demo (!) free of cost.

When querried more, he said that there will be no actual installation but the demo teams bring their own equipment, connect it to TV temporarily and allow you to experience all the available channels for free. There is a time slot (he was not sure how long) after which they will disconnect. They will install if you are ok with the demo on the spot or else it ends with a simple signing that you had a demo.

Sonded good. Registered for a demo by giving name and contact number.

Guys in hyderabad, try out..
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Got Airtel DTH installed.

PQ - Not as good as Sun DTH.
Remote/Navigation/Usability - Great. Sun DTH gets a 0 here.
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