Blu-Ray Player With Upscaling!


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Oct 28, 2008

I am in the market for a new DVD player and have thought of the Oppo DV-983H, but I am thinking might as well go for a Blu-Ray player with upscaling capabilities so please recommend something with this criteria. I will be ordering this from the United States and need to do this ASAP as my sister will be arriving here in 10 days. Also, playing DivX format would be quite essential (though not sure if such all-in-one players exist right now) since I do have a lot of movies/content on DivX.

Also, PS3 is an option I have considered, so will it work out better than going for a standalone Blu-Ray player with upscaling. Please let me know at the earliest.
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Blu-Ray players at prices close to that of the 983H would upscale far far worse than the 983H would, since they would be budget players for the same price they cannot incorporate expensive upscaling technology, you will most likely find a pretty basic (mediatek?) upscaling chip in the budget Blu-Ray players, which won't be able to hold a candle to the ABT chip in the 983H, and Blu-Rays (media) are shit expensive.

Don't go for a Blu-Ray player, let the technology also take some time to mature. Go for the 983H now and go for a Blu-Ray player maybe a couple of years down the line when two things have happened (a) the prices would have stablised, both for media and players and (b) the technology would have matured, and at least some improvements would have come in.

So just buy the 983H and enjoy it!
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