Bose 161 and Wilson Watch surrounds: a clone?


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Mar 9, 2009
Hi dear friends,

Even though I know that the Bose speakers may not be as seriously reviewed as other Value for money speakers like Wharfedale, Jamo Rethm, B&W etc, because of the price and also the stigma seemingly associated with it,

I couldn't but help notice a certain similarity in appearance between the Wilson Audio watch surround which almost nobody has any arguments with, and Bose 161 as side surrounds when vertically positioned.

Both speakers also look like miniature versions of the surrounds in any good theater in big cities.

I would also like to say that the sound from the vertically positioned Bose 161side surrounds is quite decent and in no way bad at all.

It is just my Humble feeling and I am sure that you, friends can guide me.

But remember that you deserve to hear the effect before passing a judgement.

So this is another option for abt 10K for those planning to go in for a surround speaker setup.

So, This is for me a frank reason to share my feelings with you.




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Hi again,

You can click the above links to have a look at the Bose 161 Surrounds in use.

And below is the official pic.


Hope you enjoy it..

except for the slight similarity in shape, I'm sure the Bose is no match for Wilson Watch Surrounds. I know sometimes Wilson Audio is accused of over pricing their products, but leaving price aside I have not heard anything that has matched the performance of Wilson's (the picture of watt puppy 8 next to my user id was taken during the demo)
yeah! looking similar is IMHO not much of an achievement at all. Yes, the orientation might (and i say might) be a particularly favourable one, but that is a fairly minor thing.
Comparing bose to Wilson is like comparing chalk to fine gourmet cheese :lol:.


Hi dear folks,

It's obvious that there is no comparision.

I just wanted to share that a Bi/Dipolar surround need not be the only option and also that the 161 and Watch surrounds resemble the surrounds in Movie Theaters.

I also want to point out that the Bose 161 costs around Rs. 10,000 and for that price, they seem to be pretty OK.

I am not an expert and I just thought that they were good as surrounds.

Thanks for your views.

Keep them coming..

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