Bose Accoustimas 6 series at Rs 33k


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Mar 13, 2008
Bose Accoustimas 6 series at Rs 33k with 5 jewel cube speakers and a Sub-woofer,i have a small appartment with a small living room with no space for huge floorstandings and subs :(.
Audio gurus please suggest if it will go well with a Denon AVR 2307 Amp

Any inputs will be appreciated
You'll get far better vfm from Wharfedale or Sonodyne than that bose :p. If there's no space for floorstanders, you can always buy a pair of bookshelves.
try out the bose 301 bookshelf speakers, i have a pair of them and they sound neat
Where do we get the best deals on the Wharfdales and Sonodynes in bangalore,what are the model numbers.

Thanks for the quick response.
If you are in Bangalore, I suggest you check out the Usher S520 at ARN Systems in Frazer Town. PM Odyssey in this forum. He'll help you out. I'm a very happy Usher owner here. Fantastic value for money. They also have Monitor Audio/Dali and Odyssey though the latter might be beyond your budget. You'll get Wharfedale/Quad at Decibels in Gem Plaza, Infantry Road. However their room setup is quite poor. You might also want to check Sonodyne in Forum Mall and B&W at Modern Electronics on Airport Road.
A pair of Usher S520 is 18.5 grand or so in the basic wood finish without piano gloss. In wharfedale, you'd find lots of choices in that price range and the Quad 11L is also priced close.
IMHO, the 1st Question to be answered is :

Do you intend to use this for Hi Fi or Home theatre.

For Hi Fi you dont need 5 speakers. Consider any of the options suggested above.

For Home theatre, BUY THE BOSE.

There are different Horses for different courses.

Sorry Sir ! ... CANT have it optimised ( atleast at this price point ) for BOTH applications.... you Will HAVE to pick which will be the more frequent application / use.
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Since you have a small apartment, and if your purpose, as pointed out by IndianEars, is for HT, may i suggest you buy Bose. You can just install the cube speakers on the wall and hide the sub.

But, if for hi-fi, go for the Wharfedales or Tannoy bookshelfs. You can just add surround and center speakers in case you decide to upgrade to HT. Just buy a 5.1 AVR.
i think the Decibels showroom in Gem Plaza - Infantry Road has been closed now. I went to the plaza and found an old display board and nothing else. Correct me if am wrong....

and Wharfedales can be brought from Vector Systems - Mr.Lokesh 9341737966 (this is on the Wharfedale Website - a simple search is adviced before posting in the forum)

even Decibels is listed on the website...

thank u

Sorry for the late joining !

Let me just clear all the doubts thats there regards to Decibels !!

They have opted out of that place for the obvious reasons thats already been said ! they are opening a new outlet in the K.R. Road and should be up in the 1 week of next month !!

Before that you can get in touch with Anand (owner) on [email protected] or [email protected] and he'll be able to help you out !!

Hope this helps !!

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as has been said by folks in this post, if for Hi Fi (2 channels) 5 speakers are an overkill..

for HT do note you pay a "brand value" for a bose so if all you are looking is an optimisation io sound/Rs Bose is not ideal..but if you do consider the decorative value of the bose name then it is not a bad deal. (only audiophiles hate bose..the rest of the 99.9 % of people do have some regard for them ;) )

the denon should be enough for the bose..but for the placement of the acoustimass do note that placement anywhere is not ideal. it should be ideally placed in a corner or at least near one wall in order to get a bass boost of at least 3dB
A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.