BSES recommends ELCB for domestic use, which one to go for?


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Nov 17, 2020
Recently our electricity supplier BSES recommended installing ELCB as mandatory. I Googled and noticed some with 63Amp rating and 100 mA. I just wonder when max current (for A/c or Storage heaters) is 15 A, which models we should choose from, for domestic purposes? Though I had seen its demo a decade ago, just considered having good Earth connection to be better, never installed. Any ideas?
ELCB required compulsory earth wire to function properly. Now RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) are using in place of ELCB as RCCBs do not require earth wire. It will tripped in fraction of seconds when leakage current (Current in difference between Phase and Neutral usually in milli ampere) more than its rated leakage current rating(30/100/200 mA). RCCBs are available from 30 mA leakage (Residual) current ratings. Depending on your House connected load, you may choose 16A or 32A or 63A DP 100mA RCCB. Here 16/32/63 A rating for over load and 30/100/200mA rating for leakage/ residual current. 30mA device is safest but nuisance tripping may observed due to leakage current (due to insulation weak) from age old wiring or electric appliances like washing machines, water heaters, induction heaters etc. Electrical System Earthing of the house is mandatory to safely drain the fault current.

You mention:

But then also have this:

Why have both in same para? Can you explain a bit more and clear the confusion?
Appliances Earthing is necessary to safely drain the leakage or fault current. If there is no earthing, no path for the fault current unless until someone touch the faulty appliance.
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