Calibrating subwoofer with SPL meter


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Apr 20, 2008
Was trying to calibrate my subwoofer with a SPL meter. Looking for advice, links tutorials anything.
I have Avia and Digital Video Essentials, the channels calibration was straightforward whereas the subwoofer is another story. Any help is appreciated.


Browse through the following links. At least three of them use the Avia Test DVD. You might need to download or somehow procure special test tones for the sub woofer, unless you already have them on a DVD or CD. I have asked my son for a Avia 2, but it will be Diwali before it reaches me.

Subwoofer Calibration Using Rives Audio Test CD 2 — Reviews and News from Audioholics

An Easy Solution To Subwoofer Calibration — Reviews and News from Audioholics

Avia Subwoofer Calibration Tips by Edward J M

Tuning Subwoofers - Calibrating Subwoofers - Audio - Sound and Vision

If these links give you some help, it will be good. I like Audioholics quite a lot.

Satish, download REW or CARMA & hookup to your SPL metre & subwoofer and see how your sub behave in cinema room

If you are getting semi decent response curve, you could try position sub in different location for the best response.

If you have limited choice in repositioning, you may have to invest in BFD Parametric Equalizer or Velodyne SMS-1 to get the best out from your sub. SVS is bringing out Audyssey EQ, that already attracts a lot of interest

I personally use BFD FBQ2496. Just bought a velodyne SMS-1, will post my findings later this week
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