Can i connect a Notebook via S/PDIF?


Jun 8, 2008
hi buddies....

so i had finally purchased Philips home theatre HTS3565/98.
I had also auditioned yamaha YHT-185

i found both at par so i went with philips.
anyways thats not the point....

I have a DELL notebook inspiron 1520.
It has S/PDIF out.

now i was wondering can i connect my notebook to my philips HTIB via digital coaxial cable since the HTIB has Digital coaxial in?
will S/PDIF on laptop support this digital coaxial cable?

if yes will i be able to achieve 5.1 surround sound on my HTIB?
what are the other accessories i need to buy???

thanks a lot for ur support.

S/PDif signal can be carried on both co-axial and optical cables. If your Laptop has a co-axial connector, then you are set - it should work pretty fine.

If you have an optical out using the standard Miniplug connector, then you will need a cable with a miniplug jack at one end and a standard Optical connector at the other end, also you will need to check if your HTIB supports Optical S/Pdif.

My HP laptop unfortunately has the Miniplug Optical connector, so but I managed to get the digital out working over my Laptops HDMI connector.
all i know abt philips htib is that it has "DIGITAL COAXIAL IN"

and my laptop has "SPDIF out".

Hi Tinny,

Yes, You can connect your Laptop SPDIF out to your PHILIPS HTIB, However S/PDIF supports only two channel out, so In order to send the compressed raw signal to your HTIB, you need to use a player like VLC (a freeware from VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!) and filter like AC3 filter (freeware) and it should work fine. You will be able to play h264 content also(HD content) through these.

Well I got mine along with my Beresford DAC sometime back. Made a special request to include 2 pairs of the toslink adaptors and Stanley was more than happy to do it for me, not to mention the extra set of universal power adaptors!

I see that you are from Navi Mumbai, not familier with that area - surely Dinyaar or Particleman will be able to help you. If its in Blore, you should find it in SP Road.

Best Regards.
pls have a look at this article and look for in this

"Component Video and S/PDIF Digital Audio"


will it work by hooking up a digital coaxial cable in the SPDIF socket?

thanks a ton
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IF you already have the component video adapter, simply connect digital co-axial cable between your component video apapter and the HTIB, it should work fine.

You can also try it out with a standard RCA to RCA cable and buy a more expensive digital co-axial cable once you have confirmed that it works.
well i don't have the adapter...

i am calling DELL but they they don't seem to be responding.

so will this S-video adapter a normal one so that i can buy in the market?

or it's a special DELL make?

thanks for ur replies.
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