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Can R-2R relay attenuator act as a pot for tone controls

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker


Jul 31, 2014
chennai, india

Can R-2R relay attenuator act as a normal potentiometer and be used in baxandall like tone control circuit?

Generally I have only seen R-2R relay attenuator being used for volume control where one end is connected to input one end to output and one end to ground.
So can we connect a similar R-2R relay attenuator to replace a potentiometer in baxandall tone control circuit , where all the 3 ends will be connected to other components but none to ground?

So far only able to get an example like below link(post 166), but here we can have one relay for one db level in tone control. So if we can use R2R relay , we may have lot more levels for few relays and have more granular tone controls instead of steps of 5db as here

Yet another Volume controlers and source selections - Page 17 - diyAudio

thanks and regards
S Sarath