Caveat Emptor - Shiprocket


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Jul 23, 2009
Gurgaon / NCR
Some of you may know that I did a couple of giveaways recently. And some sales. One of the reasons that things have been going slow is because of a courier issue.

I had been using a courier aggregator called shiprocket. On the face of it really nice, allows for easy comparison for ground based shipping and and interface with some tools. The first few shipments went through smoothly, even in the early stages of unlock 1.

i was quite happy and was evaluating using these guys for my wifes soon to start eCommerce venture.

And then the problems started. there were 2 weight disputes where the courier claimed a volumetric wt which is double what actual dimensions were. Think 55cm depth for a box containing a router. (actual depth 25 cm). dispute rejected in favour of the courier. Okay, Caveat emptor, now I will take photographs with measuring tapes.

So next set of consignments did that. (these are now all giveaways where I am not earning any money or anything)But it never ended there. while some consigments reached okay, one consigment for kerela did not. This courier charged 800/- + for a parcel. As per tracking it went all the way to Trivandrum, but was not delivered to the consignee. the consignee always had someone responsible at home so its impossible that it was turned back. on calling up shiprocket, and they cannot tell me the reason why. Also shiprocket has a prepaid wallet, and they deducted some 800/- for courier return to origin, which was not asked for by me or the consignee. Calling up the helpline was of no help, they are always "looking into it"

I have always felt that in many instances, poor customer service is not a function of negative business intent, but because of poor execution by disenegaged staff. in almost every instance that I have done this before, Contacting senior managers gets the appropriate response and consequent action. In Consumer electronics, I have written to Epson Europe head for my projector, a dept head in Harman group in India for a JBL related issue and the response has been prompt and solution oriented. In Finance and banking they are, generally even more responsive. because they know you would have exhausted all other recourses. i thought similar for shiprocket. The real killer was when I contacted the COO on linkedin. after pinging him twice, he condescended to reply with his email Id. and then the went as dead as his helpline. I truly non know the meaning of being "Ghosted".

So 22 days later, we are out 1.6k (between the consignee and me) and the package is in "ether" somewhere (that's the other killer there some high value DVDs there with a 5 figure total cost) and there is no response from shiprocket.

I am truly sad because Shiprocket is a great concept. and could theoretically have been a great support to fledgling businesses. but when the leadership itself is not customer focussed there is not much hope. I got onto the platform without doing too much research. But if brand has a facebook group exclusively created to for disgruntled customers (by the customers) that says a lot.

every post on their official site seems to have a response from desparate or frustrated client.

So for those of you who have got shipping needs, Caveat emptor. and finally in the hope that I do receive the parcel back intact, any suggestions on how to ship reliably to TVM?


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Jun 11, 2019
I've used Gati recently, and once you manage to schedule a pick-up, rest is smooth as silk.
But this was just my experience with one transaction.. YMMV
You're taking this trouble on top of giving away things. God bless you Sir :)
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