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Oct 2, 2008
Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
Hi friends,
I am looking for a center channel speaker for basic range of yamaha AV model Rxv 457, since i already have a nice Sub in stock to support the system and a pair of flat studio monitor bookself speakers which i am using as fronts and a JBL studio monitor which am using as center but someway i am not satisfied with the performance of my present system and would want to buy a dedicated center speaker first and later match the fronts and surrounds.
This system would only be for the purpose of movies not for the music.
The size of the room is 14 * 20 feet.
My budget for both (center and front) is 30k.
Since i am more into music so don't have enough experience with movies kinda sound however i have shortlisted some brands

Polk audio monitor cs1- 8k
polk audio monitor 40- 14k
mordant short 905i C - 9.5k
mordant short 9021 front -10k
dali concept center1 -9k
dali concept 2 front - 12k
tannoy mercury custom FC1 -15k
tannoy mercury custom F1 - 15k

guys please shed your expert comments on this and help me in completing the home theater system.
thanks in advance
Depends on the chemistry of your AV receiver with the speakers. Bright speakers with a bright amp are a recipe for disaster.

I would recommend:
MS 904i (floor standing version of the 902i - this way you can save on stands) for 14k,
MS 905i for 8k.

The Wharfedale Diamonds should be your choice if the amp has a bright sound as these are warmer speakers that will bring a balance to your sound.

Best to carry your AVR to the showroom and get a demo.
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