ch 5.1 setup with dvd player


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Oct 9, 2009
New Delhi
Hi all,

Pls guide me how do I setup:

Setup: Oscar ch5.1 4000 watt home theatre + Philips 3256 dvd player.

I want to setup home theatre ( galla arranging 5 speakers etc with dvd player) there is a button called Virtual sound ON/OFF behind my ch5.1 sub-woofer . Pls suggest how do I arrange speaker volume/delay in my all 5 speakers using dvd player interface (front,rear,center) so that I get decent surround sound :licklips:. however I plug-in my home theatre in dvd player but sound level is not like that :sad:. I guess I am missing proper setting like( volume, delay time etc) :rolleyes:. I selected multichannel output in dvd player .

Doubt: do I switch on or off that Virtual button behind my sub woofer in case i need ch 5.1 sound ?:sos:

my all distance of speaker is around 4 to 6 feet.

calling some good audio soul to help me out in this by their experience .
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