Changing crossover & sound Quality?


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Apr 10, 2008
We are already discussing lot abt speakers.But I wld like to know can we
improve SQ by simply changing crossover of existing speaker?

As you know spk manufacturer improve on crossover(CO) every year.
ie.Dont they have perfect crossover yet?
If we change newer CO. can we do better?
Anybody tried before?
It can save your money.
First of all ?? there is no crossover that fits all speakers ??. Each crossover is designed specifically for that specific speaker. It takes into account various design parameters of the cabinet, drivers, design goals of the designer etc???..
You can of course upgrade the parts in the crossover as long as they are the same value. But this will result in a change in the voicing of the speaker and this will be a departure from what the designer intended. But this alright as long as you like the sound.
Theoretically, all speakers and their crossovers can be upgraded because they are all build to a certain price-point for the market and comes with lot of compromises. There are no rules here as long as you know what you are doing.
Some complicated designs are best left alone.
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