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Sep 30, 2009
New Delhi
Hi all,

I'm sure most of you may already know that I'm trying construct my first ever audio setup. But I've hit a road block even before i could gain any momentum.. This question will be a little tricky to answer and even worse for me to explain in words.. let me try my best and I sincerely thank each one of you for your help..

A few days ago, I tried the following and kind of fell in love with the combination:

Marantz CD 5003, Audio Analogue Puccini Amp and Quad 11l2 Bookshelves.. Decent clarity, detailing and most importantly fullness of sound.. It wasn't like the music was coming from 2 corners of the room but with my eyes closed, I could feel it all around me.. Had good tight bass as well, considering they were bookshelves..

Yesterday, I tried Nad 515BEE CDP, NAD 326 AMP and Dali Ikon 2 BS...

I loved the detailing and clarity of the mids and highs.. the same bunch of songs sounded so different (guitar strumming sounded more real and natural) to my liking.. However, bass was not as deep and tight as it was with the former (Quad) and fullness was clearly missing. I don't know if you call this as soundstage (fullness) because I felt as though great quality sounds coming from the two corners of the room in front of me.. I didn't feel that "music around me thing"..

I actually went to try the NAD CDP and decide on the cd player but now i'm wondering what made this difference because I looked up the speaker specs
online and they looked very similar when in comes to numbers..

Moreover, Ikon 2 was more expensive than the Quads so wondering why would this be the case.. The dealer then suggested me to listen to the Ikon 6 and I was totally mesmerized like anything.. I felt like this is what I'm looking except for that fact that my budget doesn't allow me that far..

I liked the fullness in Quad but I also liked the clarity of the Ikon 2.. Is it the speaker that made the difference or the Amp? If Speaker, why did it when they have the exact same specs..?

Sorry for this confusing question, but this is what i felt and badly needed some clarification..

Btw, I have decided to go for the NAD 515BEE CD player instead of the Marantz.. But any suggestions on this ground are welcome too..

Thanks again!

That is so true but I wish I could do that.. There isn't a single dealer in Delhi who deals in all the brands in question here.. See, no wonder why i'm so confused.. lolzz

Thanks though.. cheers mate :)
I can suggest to listen Marantz CDp + Nad amp & both spk one by one to make fianl decision.Mar CDp can give you better details,seperation & Nad amp can give better freq response with better Bass.
Not Quad are fuller,musical.Dali are detailes with vocals,highs & may output less Bass.
So making odd combo may give sound of your liking.Just try that...
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