Custom Duty on used items mailed/ shipped to India - purchase on Ebay


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Sep 6, 2008
New Delhi, India
I see a huge number of second hand items with great deal on ebay that I would like to buy. However, I am not sure how the custom duty would be calculated for used items.
Is it calculated on second hand value or MSRP when new? If a seller, who is a user and not a vendor, how would he issue a bill?

I have never got any item through this route, so not sure how would the custom people harass me.

a related question - sorry anm

any idea what the same would entail on new products? - amps, cdps...
For new items, I think it is 35%. However in this forum in some thread someone mentioned 16%. I have talked to B&H India and they too quoted 35% - interestingly - 35% on (cost+shipping) and not 35% on just the cost. Ridiculous!

I think the duty should be the same, old or new. However need to understand on what amount is duty calculated by the customs people - the second hand purchase amount or the MSRP, or their own handbook/ pricelist (which would be 20 years outdated)
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If someone can purchase it for you and gift it to you, then you have an excemption of upto Rs. 10000. However, if it is say 12000, then you will still pay 35% of 12000.

But you will be scrutinized for the gift you receive and customs keep a watch on this...

Check out this Site (Personal import and export)... I hope it helps... [:)]
Sounds confusing.
I have friends who can buy and then ship it to India. Is there any distinction if it is for personal usage or for commercial/ reselling?
I need it for my home, so it should attract lesser duty than the shopkeepers.

I want to buy used lens for SLR camera on How and when the Import duty in India will be collected from me? As the item is sent via international mail to my doorstep. Does ebay itself collects import duty from the buyer?
You might face trouble in importing used items as long as there's something called 'anti dumping law' is in force.

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