Cyrus 6s VS Marantz SA 7001


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Mar 18, 2008
at present in Ambur
hello all

After Listening to Various CDP i have shortlisted to Cyrus 6s vs marantz 7001 ( ordinary version)
Any one heard these two and which will be a good CDP in terms of detail , smooth and rich sound. I basically listen to all types of music EXCEPT heavy metal and trance.
My set up consist of Audiolab power and pre amplifier speakers are yet to be decided .

thanks everyone for the feedback

Both these are super cdp s. Listen to them both and decide as they sound very different. Each has its sonic traits so go with what appeals to u. If u want smooth as u mentioned u may prefer the marantz. The cyrus range has been upgraded and hence the current lot are discounted in the UK so consider that when buying. The newer cdps have received a servo upgrade(better power supply) and are supposed to sound even better. Since it would be at the same price point u could wait for them to reach our shores too.

I have a cyrus cdp and have heard the marantz extensively and u cant go wrong with either. Consider the KI player too as it is better than the stock marantz and will retain its value better.
Dinyaar have you heard the Cyrus cd7 player?
There is one available in Chennai at a very atractive price,how does it compare to the Marantz 5001 player.

Hi Rajiv,

The cyrus cd 7 is a model discontinued i think way back in 2004 or maybe 2005 so u must be apprehensive buying it. Secondly it could be repaired,refurbished and may not even be up to specs.

Please be very careful when u buy something like this as it could be a dead end purchase.

Hi Dinyaar

Thanks for the help , i heard the Marantz and found it had a very detailed and warm sound . The cyrus was also good with good imaging and faster then marantz. The problem is i heard the systems in two different places with different amplifiers and speakers.
Now i am worried which will suit my system best. As i told earlier i am using Audio lab pre and power , i am thinking of buying speakers from Epos or Dynaudio or quad or Spendor.Only after deciding the CDP i will move on to the speaker part.
i like the construction of Marantz SA 7001 and the price seems to be tempting, but is it worth paying extra and getting the Cyrus?
Also heard from a friend that Marantz CD17 is also a good cd player , is CD 17 better then SA 7001?
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The cd 17 i have nev er heard but was supposed to be brilliant so cant really compare the two as the cdp is discontinued to my knowledge.
Why would ur speaker purchase depend on ur cd. Buy the sound u like. The cdp will integrate into any set up. The lean sound from the earlier cyrus players is also semi resolved and the marantz is a lovely fluid sound. Why dont u consider the KI player?
As regards paying more for the cyrus that only ur ears and head can decide. I guess the layout of the marantz is a winner, the build of both players is good, both will be reliable and should last for years so it all boils down to the sound u prefer.
Thanks Dinyaar and Unleashme for the reply . Now i have three options Cyrus 6s Vs marantz SA 7001 Vs Marantz CD17.
i think i will be leaning towards Marantz SA 7001 or CD17 ( Subject to availability) , Also i will try marantz 7001 KI dinyaar , but the price is too high and so i could not afford.

Is there a vast difference between 7001 and 7001KI?


Is the CD 17 a current model, as i thought it was no longer made. The 7001 and the 7001 KI are very very similar but the KI has better grade components, a toroidal transformer and a copper chassis. If the price difference is too much go for the regular 7001. In december when i was checking out cdp i was quoted 27K and 35K grey mkt and 34K and 52 with bill/warranty in mumbai but availability was a problem.
Hi dinyaar

CD 17 is no longer available, i have to find out one in second hand market.
But if 7001 is a better deal then i will go for it.
I will check the prices here in my city and try to get one.


That’s true Dinyaar. Unfortunately CD17 is no longer in production. I had one for a long time but greed took over and went for an upgrade. But I still remember the sweetness in music.


I was under the impression that you can get hold of the CD17. Anyways, between the SA7001 and KI version, anyday the KI version is far better. The difference in sound could be subtle if the associated equipment is not up to the mark, a better amp and speakers will reveal the difference. Go for the KI if you can push it. Another idea would be to wait, save some more and then get the player:)
Dear Tharun,

Which city are you based in. Why dont you do A/B comparison between the Marantz and the Cyrus and then decide.

Hi SNV and Unleashme thanks once again

I am from Trichy , here there is no Demo room so i could not hear both CD players side by side. I have not heard CD17 , but my friend tells its very good player . I dont know whether its possible to find one now. Since there is a budget constrain i am thinking of 7001 over the 7001KI , but as Unleashme said i have to wait and save some more money and go for 7001KI . but by the time i save , there may be some other models available in the market which will add to my


Unleashme's advice is absolutely bang on-wait, save, & go for the 7001KI; you'll never regret it.
Newer models are not necessarily better- this has been proved true time & again.
Hi Tharun,

While i do agree that the KI players are always better but if they are ridiculously overpriced (as it is in some parts of our country) i would go for the stock 7001 which is also a great cdp and spend on better speakers.
I am totally with kamal that newer models is not always better. Just one look at the older generation of pioneer,sansui,yamaha etc.will confirm that. The modern stereo equipment from the above cos is just not up to the mark.Having said that i would still not opt to buy a 3/4 year old Marantz cd 17 over the 7001 for various reasons.
I have extensively listened to the cd 17mk2 and 3.You will do much better with the cyrus or even the Marantz sa-7001ki or even some arcam players.
Thanks Dinyaar , Kamal , Squarewave and Unleashme for the advice and the time you have spent to guide me. Its really helpful.
I am thinking of a Marantz 7001 and Cyrus Cd6s , but the cyrus is priced more in india . Due to the price factor i am thinking of Marantz.



I just heard the CD 6002 , to add fuel to my confusions. even CD 6002 seems to good ......while auditioning along with 7001 (ordinary) i could not find much of difference , but 7001 seems to much more detailed . Is this true or just an illusion to me.

Dear Tharun,
The 6002 is a decent cdp but the 7001 is much better in every aspect of musicality and build. If the price difference is not too much go for the 7001 and u wont need to upgrade for quite a while.
With decent amplification and revealing speakers the difference in the two is noticable.
But hey its ur choice finally so go with whatever suits ur needs and pocket.
Best regards.
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