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Jul 26, 2006
Hi - available now on the Dali website (http://www.dali.dk/int/page192.aspx?sub=201) is a tour of the Dali factory.

We recommend you try the hi-res version - takes about 10 mins with a high-speed connection.

The tour itself is 7 mins long.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. For more detailed info - do get in touch directly.


The Soundsmiths
Thanks for the link. Gives one an idea as to what goes on in a speaker manufacturer factory. I noticed that the individuals who finished the speakers signed their initials at the back of the speaker. Sure inspires confidence.
Thank you Anil.

What has been shown is a small part of what goes into a speaker. Prior to the actual manufacture there are hours and hours of 'design' that the reputation of DALI also rests on.

Being amongst the finest cabinet makers in the loudspeaker industry, DALI supplies cabinets to several other of the world's finest speaker companies.


The Soundsmiths
Folks @ Soundsmiths,
There is a strange irony in the way you handle Dali products in India. While there's so much of emphasis that dali and u guys lay on ancillary collaterals, be it in quoting review comments, or be it in directing us to virtual tour of dali factory, the most important aspect of impressing a prospective buyer remains largely unaddressed. I had to wait almost for around 2 months in Bangalore but never got to hear your dali speakers...and thankfully settled for something else (and probably much better). Thats almost the same problem I faced in dealing with another mumbai based distributor that deals with monitor audio. I donno if thats a mumbai bug but whatever said and done...

Ain't that a strange way of preaching about your products???

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Dear AVEXPLORER - thanks for the feedback. I remember we were in touch for some time about the IKON 6 (if I remember correctly). Unfortunately keeping full stock demo pieces in all cities is still not a feasible option for high-end products. We do follow the practice of sending demo pieces for limited periods from city to city - unfortunately we could not coordinate it with your requirement.

Sincere thanks for considering us and we apologise for not being able to meet your needs at that time.

We look forward to serving you better in the future.


The Soundsmiths.
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