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Jun 23, 2008
Hi everyone

I would like to invite all of you to post the dealers you know in pune,
your expeirence and which system you can audtion at the dealer

If you know importers in pune pls mention that also.

1. Audio Visual and More in Koregaon Park - for Wharfedale/Quad
2. Silo Media Solutions, Mittal Court, Opp Mahesh Lunch Home - for Wharfedale/Quad/Norge

Any idea who stocks Missions apart from Sound And Vision in Pune ? I wanted to audition the M33i but unfortunately SNV doesn't have them in stock. They only get them against orders.

Oceanic Sound and Vision - off East street (lane joining East Street and MG Road).

Pro: Mahendra Dave

Dealers for: JOLIDA, Cadence, Marantz, Pioneer, Pulz

Pune's best Music shop for Jazz, Western Classical, Indian Classical, Rock, Pop, Blues, Hindi film

Swapnil: Where exactly this Mittal Court is?
Mittal Court is off Ambedkar Road, opposite Mahesh Lunch Home in Camp. So if you are proceeding from Dorabjee/West end theater towards Shivajinagar, then you should see Mittal Court on to your left after Lal Deval.

The Jamo Shop

North Main Road, Koregaon Park

Dealers for : Jamo, Denon, Anthony Gallo etc

My experience with AVexcellence :

They have most of the brands but the sales people there have no clue of the features, latest costs etc. The prop Anand Lulla caters only to high-profile clients himself. But they do keep a variety.
Most pune dealers including SNV, Oceanic are reluctant to deal with people on small budget like 50k-1L. SNV does not have a demo room.
On the other hand, i have heard good praise for boomarang , mumbai.
Most pune dealers including SNV, Oceanic are reluctant to deal with people on small budget like 50k-1L. SNV does not have a demo room..

I beg to differ on your observations with respect to Pune AV dealers, especially SNV and Oceanic.

Jay of Sound and Vision:

Jay is very friendly, approachable and quite knowledgeable person. It was his place where I got my first ever audition of Tube amplification (CAYIN Tube amp). In last three years we had several interactions. He provided me Cyrus kits for home audition several times in the past and that too for extended periods. Even while writing this I am trying out Chord Interconnects provided by him and those interconnects are with me for last one and half month!

It was Jay, who helped me in getting a pre-owned Cadence VA-1 , this was when I was about to buy a Cyrus Integrated from him! Yes, he lost a sale but won a customer

While I am writing this I also want to mention that till date I haven??t purchased goods worth even a single paisa from him and still I get a VVIP treatment from Jay when ever I call him or visit his place

By the way, Jay is setting up a big and well appointed show room with multiple audition rooms in Pune?? s finest shopping mall.

I feel myself lucky to have a companion like Jay in my journey towards Audio Nirvana.

Mahendra Dave of Oceanic Sound and Vision:

Mahendra is my friend, guide and philosopher. Period. And yes I got my entire system and all upgrades later on through him only. 70% of music collection is purchased at Oceanic. Even today, while writing this, Mahendra is negotiating on behalf of me for a pre-owned amp (my second).

As a person Mahendra is above average. No doubt he is a businessman so all that business related sharpness and shrewdness is there but being a devotee of Osho (Bhagwan Rajneesh) , there is a holistic approach towards what so ever he does.

His staff members Vikram, Sharmaji and , Sandeep all are quite friendly, enthusiastic and accommodative. Vikram is quite knowledgeable about Music , he remembers your music interests and calls you when ever anything new becomes available in line with your music preferences.

I visit his place almost every week not always to buy something or audition something but to have some chat and a nice cup of tea (Sugar free, yes, they remember that too) We chat on music, on equipments, live concerts and what not. I spent hours in his music shop; I can audition CDs after CDs and buy only those I like. That way Mahendra had saved my Rs 100K which otherwise had gone waste by means of unwanted CDs. (if I buy from places like Planet M or Landmark.)

Akshay Kohli ( Nishikant and Prashant) of Focal Audio Systems

Yesterday only they provided me Vincent SV-236 100 WPC Hybrid amp for a home audition. This is the same model that AV Max reviewed in their latest (Oct 2008) issue.

I had never been to their show / Demo room. But what so ever interaction I had with these guys is far satisfying.

Yes, initially I got rather luke warm response but when I talked to Akshay ,thing really moved fast and towards my total satisfaction.

Anand Lulla (and Amit) of AV Excellence:

This was the first AV dealer I came across when I started looking for some decent AV gear some 3 years back. It is true that Anand is more towards HT business but he can??t be blamed for that , he has to do that to survive in business.

AV Excellence has good demo rooms , one dedicated for HT and one common for HT and 2 CH. Brands I usually see there are Marantz, Densen, Arcam ,NAD, B&W. Recently I visited their showroom and auditioned NAD and Densen amps. Guys there are quite co-operative, patient and enthusiastic.

Last year they provided me NAD kit for a home audition , followed by an Arcam amp. I am yet to buy from them but the welcome smile on their faces is still intact.

Cadence Factory:

And how can I forget Cadence factory! From chowkidar to Ajay Shirke every one is down to earth and polite. Ajay despite of heading a large business group (B G Shirke and Co) and involved in hundreds of sport and social activities , is always approachable. Call him, he personally attends the call, write him, an answer will be in your in box within 48 hours. I have spent hours in Cadence factory , auditioned their Arca + Canasya several time given the fact that I would never be able to buy that kit in my entire life! Mr Amba, Mr Phalake are always there welcoming you and demoing you the kit even though they are almost certain that you are not going to buy it.

All these dealers are fine gentlemen, they posses wealth of knowledge and really interested in helping you in building a music system and building a long lasting relationship that goes beyond buying and selling goods.

I am a serious music lover and audiophile too and like many in this category, this a hobby to me,. I am lucky that friends like Jay and Mahendra are always there to assist me.

Yes, all these dealer sell good brands and naturally those are in higher price bracket, a typical kit may set you back for 1 Lakh + but at the same time they can fill your small requests too. For example Mahendra sourced me a Pioneer DVDP costing just Rs 3K.

It all depends on how you approach them !.

Shopping for some Audio gear is quite a serious affair and process may take several months. Naturally dealers want to invest their time in a person who is willing to buy and has means to buy.

They certainly won??t waste their time with tire kickers. There is no point in demoing Cadence kit to a person having a budget for a Norge amp or a person who can??t differentiate between a flute and a fart!
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There is no need to get upsent and unneccesary to raise your blood pressure.

I made a simple comment that AV dealers ( some of them) did not give proper response when they find our budget is entry-level.

If the same dealers pamper you , you are welcome to it.

I have found that there is a strong relation between some of the forum members and the dealers out side. So if anyone remarks against the dealers, these members raise a hue and cry and try to put a end to the discussion.

You got good treatement from Pune dealers .. good luck to you.

I am talking for the majority rest who are yet to get good experience.
I have decided to do most of my shopp[ing abroad/ or at Mumbai.

best luck.
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Hi thakre,

There is no question of me getting excited for anything neither my blood pressure rising because of anything. How can you make such a gross statement?

I just narrated my experiences with Pune dealers and that's it. I have similar good experiences with Mumbai based dealers also , especially Shushil Anand of NOVA Audio and Grattan of Boom -a -Rang. In fact Boom- a- rang guy came all the way from Mumbai to Pune carrying 2 CD players (Advance Acostics and Arcam) and provided me a home audition, last year.

Once again , it all depends on how you approach the dealers and Mr Thakre, the way you commented on my post , there is no wonder why these dealers are not giving you any gear for a home audition.
feel free to stop contributing to this thread buddy. to each his own...

i think we are actually creating a useful database of retailers, options and experiences of/for members in pune. i'll surely visit the places i've not visited so far.

i have driven past oceanic sound and vision on numerous occasions, however after reading the posts out here i'll surely find a place to park and get my #### in there.

thanks a lot to all those who are contributing here.

I think it depend on both sides. Normally if your approach is good and seller feels you are a genuine person (even though u may not buy any thing) his attitude in most cases will be very good and would not hesitate to give u a demo may be home demo too. After all a dealer is doing business and must be meeting so many passer by eating up his head.And it becomes difficult for him to judge a geuine audiophile/customer unless the visitor approaches dealer correctly.

I do agree there must be a few snobbish sellers out there. But also there are people who will walk in a store (specially in a mall)without having any knowledge of a HT or high end system and with no intention of buying but still keep asking so many ridiculous questions.

I know SuhasG personally and had a dealing with him.He is a very knowlegeable audiophile and a gentleman. And this is the reason his meating with all the dealers in Pune and Mumbai has been so friendly and rewarding.
I am sure with right approach every one can have same experience as SuhasG

hi SUhas

I dont want to fight with you or anybodyelse.

thanks for your remark persiflage.
It is people like you who cheeer and dance on streetside when two people are fighting or arguing.
good luck to you

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I forgot that issue long back, life is too short to get into such small matters. Anyway this forum is for sharing information and expressing opinions.

You are always welcome here.
1. Audio Visual and More in Koregaon Park - for Wharfedale/Quad
2. Silo Media Solutions, Mittal Court, Opp Mahesh Lunch Home - for Wharfedale/Quad/Norge

Any idea who stocks Missions apart from Sound And Vision in Pune ? I wanted to audition the M33i but unfortunately SNV doesn't have them in stock. They only get them against orders.


I saw a pair of Mission M34i at Vijay Sales today!
Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers in Red Mahogany finish at a Special Offer Price. BUY now before the price increase.