Denon AVR 1508 & Onkyo SR 800


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May 15, 2008

After several research, have narrowed down the following 2 systems.
Need your valuable suggestions and help in deciding the best between these 2.

1. Denon AVR 1508 with polk RM 705 5.1 speakers for Rs 50,000.
2. Onkyo SR800 HTIB with 7 speakers for Rs 40,000.

I am a movie buff. Watch more movies than music. Onkyo has 100w / channel whereas Denon supports upt0 75w.

Any other pros and cons ?

There is a clear 10k difference between these 2 packages. So, pl. help evaluating and which one is the best value for money.

Why not get an Onkyo TX SR-606 AV Receiver? You get support for the latest audio formats (Dolby TrueHD, dts HD-MA) so its more future-proof. Add a pair of floorstanding speakers for now: consider Wharfedale Diamonds, Mordaunt-Short Avant, Mission m-series, Polk Audio Monitor series, etc. Gradually add the remaining speakers later.

Thanks for your prompt response. I want to get away from tower speakers. Just occupies too much space :(

I have built a new entertainment room now. Size is 15ft x 30ft (total of 450 sq. ft).

Had kenwood spectrum all these years and recently got rid of it.

Additional constraint is the budget. Want to stay with 40k range.

Onkyo 606 costs around 40k I think + RM 705 is another 25k. This is something I already considered but due to budget, have to drop this.
I looked at marantz + jamo too but not pocket friendly.
My suggestion would be to wait for some time and buy when you can spend some more. You mentioned that you made a dedicated entertainment room. So why not put some good sounding gear in it?

Out of the two I would suggest the Denon + Polk combi.
Get the Wharfedale EVO 4.2 3-Way Standmount Speakers at a Special Offer Price.