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Detailing (shampooing) of speaker grill Tips

Wharfedale Evo 4.2


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Apr 25, 2017
Goa and mumbai
As I am in laundry and dry cleaning business, I cater to many high profile clientele in Mumbai, who need detail cleaning of their expensive vintage canvas, lampshades etc. I highly recommend you to dislodge the grill and use a soft bristle paint brush and a clean soft shoe brush to vibrate the dust of as gently as possible, thoroughly from inside and outside without missing any corners.
The next step would be to use a dry vacuum with a soft bristle adaptor for suctioning of the loosened dirt from the grill. The result will be near 60% appreciable.
For those who have a wet and dry vacuum, I suggest you to buy a Dry Foam Shampoo canister, mostly available in malls having large stores, or in automobile accessories stores that sell such products to clean the car upholstery. Just spray over all the exterior grill area, then give a light soft bristle scrub and vacuum gently. After this process is complete either keep in the shade or use hair drier on low heat till dry.
Even if you cannot find a dry foam shampoo canister then try this DIY home method. Use your hair shampoo. Just 1 tea spoon in mild hot water. Beat like the way you beat an egg. Let the foam gather, Gently lay that the top foam all over the grill and scrub gently. Later use ONLY wet and dry vacuum. REMEMBER do not use dry vacuum cleaner to suction any thing moist, as you will end up charring your vacuum motor
You certainly will have a new laundered grill. Please do reply if you are happy with my suggestion.

Nitin K

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Nov 23, 2018
How should one clean the speaker cones and the tweeter thingies?

For years, I have been cleaning the woofer & tweeter by using a small hand held rubber blower( used for camera lenses too) from a close distance. It does the job quite well. Pls don't touch or put pressure on the tweeter since it is very delicate & may get pushed in or dented in some types. For the speaker grill & rest of the mdf surface, I use a soft microfiber cloth. If you do this once a week, your speakers will be in great condition for years. In addition to this if possible use cloth covers for the speakers when not in use, this helps the most.
Others may suggest some better options.