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Devialet unleashes the Phantom : Gentlemen take out your Wallets

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Jul 13, 2011
Bombay / Pune
For those of you not familiar with Devialet : It is a relatively new company and been around the block for the last couple of years .
They made waves with their ADH patented Amps . A swiss army knife of sorts.
Their amps combine the best of Class A and Class D . However as with most good things . They come at a price and out of the reach for most of us.

I would love to own the Devialet 400 or 800 . But alas cant afford both

However this post is not about their Amps . But about the Devialet Phantom and Silver Phanton which was launched recently.

Devialet claims the Phantom on its own will replace your stereo system and is 10000 times more superior .
A pretty tall claim .. Only time would tell

Whether a marketing gimmick or actual fact is something that needs to be seen .
However from the looks of it the Technology used is brilliant and way ahead of our time . Devilatet has managed to get 77 patents for the Phantom and has managed to twist the laws of physics

We all know that for big bass we need to move air and that only be achieved with a large cone. . However Devailet has managed to do it in a package that is tiny and ssupposedly manages to hit 16hz at 10z Db levels in a sealed box
How they managed to do it is beyond my comprehension . Yes I did read their white paper and they managed to build up immense pressure in the enclosure to the tunes of 20 times higher than a regular box speaker the Heart Bass Implosion or HBI. The HBI concept consists of two Devialet high-excursion bass drivers, moving in perfect symmetry in order to create a sound that has a physical impact and a density never before achieved.
Devialet also explains that the Phantom industrial design doesnt use a single wire in its assembly, requiring only 10 parts/modules. The gasket that seals off the woofer enclosure has a diameter of 2.620mm, and it is compressed by a force of 1.2 tons to ensure sealing.

The specs as claimed for standard Phantom 750 watts speaker and the 3.000W Silver Phantom model. Both are able to respond from 16Hz to 20kHz ( 2dB). The first is rated at 99dB SPL and the Silver Phantom at 105dB SPL, both measured at 1m.

Coming down to Price .

The Phantom rated at 700 watts is priced at around $1700 each and the Phantom silver at around $2300 . The prices in India is something we can only speculate. Dave aka ex FM Denom pointed me towards Audire as Devialet Dealer in India.

The price maybe not be tempting to most

But if we look at the bigger picture

It basically replaces our entire Hifi rig , Speakers , Amps , Dac , cables etc .

However how good they actually are will only be knows once official reviews as well as reviews from end users are published
Till then we can only hope that Devialet has reinvented the speaker which hopefuly would get other manufacturers to do the same

Till then all I can say is Merci Beaucoup Devialet ..... merci Beaucoup



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Aug 6, 2006
Faridabad (suburb of Delhi)
I recently heard the Devialet 120 at Dubai Audio and was very impressed by the amp+DAC as it was making a small 2 way bookshelf speaker (Atomh I think) sound incredibly big and extremely detailed...It looked sleek and weighed just 6.5 kgs but the sound was fantastic... so yes, they are really good and their Dubai pricing is quite decent considering you get a powerful 120 watt amplifier with a high quality DAC with a streaming option in a very small cabinet....

It also can be hung on the wall and therefore frees up your real estate by doing away with the hifi rack...

Super product..