Digitising music from Vinyl


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Jul 14, 2009
Cooke Town Bangalore

A friend ordered this Behringer unit:

Behringer U Control UCA202 USB Audio Interface at AmericanMusical.com

It's an interesting gizmo to use and one can take analog input from a phono preamp and use the output which ha s USB cable to store it in a computer. He has a comp as well as a turntable, and is looking for help.Any of the local geeks or nerds who can help him out? Or maybe a certain 007?


Hai George,

Already a lot of people including me are using their PC sound card to digitise vinyl. Of course for that your amp should have Phono input Option. The Behringer eliminates the need for Phono pre, as its output can be fed directly to a PC for recording. Pl PM your friend's cell no if you feel I can offer some help to him.

Hi Murali

I will PM you his number, no sweat. I also spoke to Stevie who has the same unit and he said it is very easy to go across and show him how to do it.The only possible issue that he said that may come up is if his phono preamp( Hagerman Technolgies Bugle) has too much gain.


A friend of mine converts some of his vinyls to CD-Rs or DVD-Rs (depending whether the FLACs are 24/96 or Redbook 16/44.1).

So - I asked him what's the setup he uses. Here's his answer:

Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machine 1.5
VPI TNT-V | Xtra flywheel | Rockport series 6000 Arm
Shelter 501 II MC cartridge
FM Acoustics of Switzerland Resolution Series FM-122 Phono Preamp
Tascam US-144 external USB 2.0 Audio interface
Kubala-Sosna Emotion Interconnects
Bias Peak LE 6 recording software
iZotope RX Advanced 1.21 for redbook conversion
Trader's Little Helper for redbook SBE correction

Record Cleaning Machine --> TT --> Shelter 501-II MC --> FM-122 --> Tascam US-144 ADC --> Mac Pro Dual Xeon --> Bias Peak LE6 @ 24/96 --> analyze (no clipping, no DC Bias offset, each side normalized to - 0.3 dB) --> split into individual Tracks --> Click Repair 3.02 used in Manual Mode, 30 Rev, Pitch Protection, X2 --> FLAC encoded Level 8 with XLD

Could you give me an approximate difference% between the two.

Amp: Lyrita SET 2A3
Speakers: Vintage B&W DM4
Source: LG DVD + Beresford DAC
Cables: Lyrita's I.C & cables
do what finyl? record lps? i have a unit that i'm looking to sell off to get one with a built in gain. simply plugs into a usb port. its pretty simple though to record stuff. do post details of what you need.
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