DIY 100inch projector guide with pics and estimate


Kaushik nice find ;)!! it only proves that the DIY is something very amazing to say the least !

SO you are still in native ??

hi, i made 2 attempts at it last year. Failed.. No!. I am not saying that idea is wrong . It works. The metal halide lamp 400w runs too hot. The cooling systems takes a lot of space. So i attempted it with an LED Panel initially & then with CFL. I tried it with 5" screen. So the cost was still lower & i could get images upto 60". I also tried it wITH 2.5" screen. Not worth with that small screen.i also tried it with a pair of simple magnifying glasses. Even that works. Then i tried with projector lens. Even that thing works but there is a limitation to the size of LCD That can be used. I learnt a lot of things about light while doing it. With LED technology going ahead with great pace, i will attempt it again sometime later.
its very nice see an amazing DIY 100" projector, man you are unbelievable that you made a very good attempt and tempted us to DIY the same thing as you did. you inspires here many, i think.............:clapping::clapping::clapping:
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seems I have digged info on every ones dream DIY,
after all 100inches is really bigg affair..

i saw some links long back or DIY projector and never had time /patience to make a plan, i knew nothing about optical parts ,specially indian suppliers...this thread is good as it has all


I m back , some tasks came in , now im free :eek:hyeah:i will pm u

vj,Gruby..... thanks for checking, i assure you i will add more resources to help DIY
jeevabobby26..... am not the projector DIY guy,
:eek:.... i am like a net crawler ....

- why u dont start a DIYprojector :things -to -remember like thread , i am sure many people will get benefited ,all the best for LED projector effort ,i simply like LEDs...alott
a real cheap projector with not many complication can be ma=de from CRT ( least a lot of net ads promice!) It is mechanical construction and do not involve lights...?
Anyone tried this
a real cheap projector with not many complication can be ma=de from CRT

Hmmm. I did not try it but read a lot about it. Not worth. Firstly you have put your CRT Inverted. Not an easy task. You have to crank up brightness to max(which reduces the life of the sic tube). Even with that you need a pitch dark room to project a pic. What they supply with the ad is just a fresnel lens. Eats up a lot of light. That is why you need a MH Lamp of cant compare brightness of a CRT With that of a 400w MH Lamp. I tried LED because they run really cool ,have longer life & best efficiency among the lights.
jaudere ,does LED give enough brightness?what r d types u tried

there are LED BEACON LIGHTs to replace convensional
red lights on towers ,i can guess similar powered but white LEDs
may be used
franky speaking, i dont remember exactly. I had used white LEDs of 10mm each. Very bright ones. A single one costing rs 10(regular whites are around rs 1 for each). I had used a panel of 100 such LEDs (matching the area of the LCD Screen that i had used). Where i went wrong was that i did not consider the angle of dispersion. Mine had 10 degrees which is far too narrow. So it failed to illuminate the screen uniformly. Probably using 5mm LEDs packed more closely could have done the trick. I didnt attempt it as ran out of money. Now LEDs of wider angle are available and so are the lenses which further widen it. You commonly see these lenses in LED based Torches. The initial cost of LED will be much more than that of MH Lamp but the power consumption & the minimal heat generation will more that compensate it. Will try to post some pics of my attempt.
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jaudere ,does LED give enough brightness?what r d types u tried

there are LED BEACON LIGHTs to replace convensional
red lights on towers ,i can guess similar powered but white LEDs
may be used
Hi Kaushik.
Seems that you are very much interested in this project. Let me tell you something important before you start something. 1)even with 15" LCD,Best resolution is 1024x when you magnify it to 100" on screen , you will be able to see separate pixels. Dont try this project if the appearance of pixel is unacceptable to you. I had tried with a smaller screen whose resolution was even lower. no question of HD Video here. 2) i spent rs 1500 on the LED panel which was meant for 5" LCD. So you can imagine the cost if you go with LED with 15" monitor. Will go beyond rs 6k. There are smaller LCD Panels with better resolution. But the cost is so high that it beats the whole purpose.
U said u will try the Smd led 100w used on torches .. Did u give it a try ?
How did that work out for you ?
My initial projector was a DIY based on the Lumenlab S15 optics kit with 720p benq panel and Osram 400w MH lamp. Since I cannot accomodate a huge box in the living room, I moved to the compact ready made DIY PJ (OX Pro from Canada) with a 5" panel with native resolution of 1024 x 768. For HD contents, the PQ was superb at 110". Anyways I am moving to Optoma HD 20.
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project seems very intrestting and tempting .But stil lot of thought process need to be given for compactness ,sharpness and brightness and ofcourse heat free project ..
any one contacted the guy who had the sucessfull project
Almost all the parts required for making a 7" compact DIY projector are now on ebay india. just make a search on as "DIY projector"
decent WXGA projectors come in 16k
DIY is pointless for 720p ,
if some one can point to a nice lookin full HD diy Pj with less heat(LED) +atleast 1500Lm brightness.. we can think of
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