DVD Recorder model


New Member
Jan 27, 2008
Is there a DVD recorder available for less than 20K. I asked Panasonic store for their models, and they claimed that they do not market it here.
Sony is the other option. I am not sure if Pioneer has any recorders below 20K.
I am ok with less or no on-board hard-disk. Sony's model of 80GB is costing a bit high. I do not want HDD capability.

I've been looking for a DVD recorder myself. If you ask me, go for an HDD recorder since you can edit out ads etc after recording. Otherwise you have to start/stop recording like how we used to with VCRs in the old days.

Samsung also sells a couple of models in India but the problem is most dealers don't have stock or don't know that Samsung offers it!

The other issue is how to get actual recordings. I have a satellite (DTH) connection at home so I can connect that output to a recorder but then the recorder should be able to output to my TV otherwise I won't be able to see what I'm recording. Have asked dealers (sony/samsung) but they're useless!
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