Early detection of faulty OLED panel


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Oct 21, 2020
How early can we detect any issues with the oled TV after installation? I wanted to summarize a list of things which can be checked right infront of the installation guys itself to report any problem with the TV rather than raising a ticket later and waiting. And if issue seems pretty severe, asking them to take the TV with them.

Sealed box. What if retailer has sealed it again?
Runtime should be 0 hours. I know there is an option to reset this via service remote. But before technician does execute the reset command we can check this.
Panel uniformity issue ? Any specific youtube video to be played? Or let the TV run some refresh cycles before confirming the issue?
Any specific heating issues?
HDMI issues or cable issues?

I would like the oled owners to pitch-in and throw some light on the issues which they think can be detected on day-1 itself.

I know oleds have superior picture quality but risk of panel lottery is worth giving a second thought?
The chances are pretty small to receive a defective Panel out of a sealed box. The few OLED owners I know, they received their Panel in prestine form during delivery. That said, you can still check for usage hours and play some test patterns. These units have builtin test patterns to check for any issues but are accessible only though service menu.

Panel lottery is more relevant for LED Panel because edge bleeding/uniformity varies Panel to Panel. As far as OLED is concerned, they have a near perfect uniformity.

That said, vertical bending in OLED varies Panel to Panel but it's hard to notice unless you are looking for it.
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In general, OLEDs will have higher panel uniformity and fewer issues out of the box than an LCD panel which have widespread dirty screen effect, edge bleed (in edge-lit panels) and temporary image retention issues. It's the cumulative screen burn-in you have to be cautious about 3-4 years down the line (depending on how you use).

If you're gonna use it for cable TV, there's a very good chance you'll get burn-in. Also, an OLED is wasted on that kind of content.