Early reflections and their impact


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Nov 13, 2008

My home theater is currently also my living room, so need to decide on speaker placements and type based on it.

My living room has a sofa that is 4 ft from the speaker location. Will this cause a lot of difference in the sound quality heard (typical seating position 10 ft). The sofa is a low one, so for a floorstander (two way) would affect the larger drivers but the tweeter gets a clear line of sight to the lisening position and is at the same level.

So would it make better sense to shift to bookshelves on a stand or wall mounted (moving the sofa out is not possible) or I can check for floorstanders?

The other option would be to use bookshelves. As they would be above the interfering furniture. The reason I asked is in my current setup, I removed the furniture and could not detect any difference. However, it could also be a reflection of poor equipment many of which need a bit of an upgrade.
Bookshelves or FloorStanders does not matter. Just ensure that nothing (furniture) is placed in between the tweeter and yourself. Most floorstanders have the tweeter at the top which is about the same height as your Bookshelves on stands.

Spirovious is right, 4 feet is very little distance. Are you able to set it up such that you get atleast 6 feet between the speakers and yourself?
Try the Lithos Noa-1 whose satellites can be screwed into the wall at 7ft angling downwards a bit. For small rooms less than 12ft length would recommend it. Great SQ and imaging. They dissappear beautifully leaving only the music.

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