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Ethernet/LAN port on Toshiba 32PX200ZE

Mogami Cables


New Member
Jan 18, 2014
Hello All,
I am looking for a 32 inch television for my living room (small) and looked at LG, Samsung and Sony. Of the lot, I found Sony's PQ better. But the dealer also had Toshiba Cricket Series beside and I found the PQ of Toshiba almost as good as Sony. My viewing distance being 6 to 7 ft, I don't think I need to go for Full HD models and I don't have HD set-top box either.

Sony's W600A costs around 36k; probably can negotiate it to around 34k. However I searched online and saw Toshiba's 32PX200E is available for a very decent price of 26.5k. The dealer didn't have this model on display since it's a little old. But many, including users in this forum, say that the older P series (PS, PT, PU and PX) don't differ that much in PQ. The refresh rate of 100Hz is probably an advantage (in the newer Cricket Series) when viewing sports but I don't watch sports that much. My usage is limited to english movies and general entertainment with occasional regional viewing.

So Toshiba's 32PX200ZE is a serious contender but I would like to know if the set carries a Ethernet/LAN port. I know the model is Wireless Ready but I do not want to spend 2.5k for the compatible wifi dongle, especially when my router sits right beside my cable outlet. The Regza Asia website mentions the LAN port but Toshiba India site doesn't, so I am a little confused.

I would really appreciate if any existing owners of this model can confirm if the Ethernet/LAN port is available on the 32PX200ZE.