Experience of passive pre ampliifer


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Oct 10, 2009
Passive pre the name itself was new. I happened to come across axiom passive pre. It seemed not worth for money. Some of our forum members gave me support to go for it with audition. I tried it with my friend mf a5 pre and bryston bp 25 pre with mark lavinson poweramp with b&w 805. I did not find much difference between the passive pre and others costlier pre amplifers. Eventhough there was hesitation in me. But I bought it and brought it to my home.

My system consists of lexicon Nt412 power amp and Boman tube pre. Marantz 63ki sig mk iii. Ic qed quinnex, speaker wire Qed silver anniversary for Hf and chord uk odessey for Lf. Speaker is quad 22l It is being in my bed room there is no accoustic proof.

My existing system was extremely good. But often some hiss and hum disturbed me lot. Before connecting I have heard in terms only the word coloration. After connecting the axiom passive pre.( It was just like a booster box with one Rca input and one Rca output. In front there is a variable control like a fan regulator.) I really found out what is coloration what is neturality. There was pure music whoozing from my system. The midrange was excellent. I found out how many frequncies we missed in the mids before. Singers sing in different levels could be identified by me. Instrument connected with mid frequencies were quite natural. Mid bass was tremenous. There is no question of forward or laid back. It was as if they were singing for me. The dynamic performance was also good. In little volume itself I could hear all frequencies. In Hf I could all strings symbols differently. They lacked smoothness like in other higher end pre amplifiers. But they were like natural in studio. In Lf they lacked tight ness. But they were natural. So totally all over all frequencies were as good as original. So I felt like being in a studio. Thanks audio engineer and bass treble. Nowadays my older cds once again are coming in my front row of my audio disc rack because I hear them differently amazingly.

In everything some dmerits also there is only one souce input. There is no remote. But for the sake tremendous lively performance we can forget and learn to live with only one source. Once I am very much thankful to Bass treble and audio engineer for this kind of new hifi upgrade to me.
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