Experience With Dealers In Mumbai

Jul 31, 2006
Audiovision India Pvt Ltd Mumbai
Mr Burge Cooper & Munir Taher
Excellant Showrooms Showcasing All The Bmw Speakers-very Informative Salesmen. Full Cheque Payment With Immediate Home Delivery. 5 Years Warranty. Comparable Prices To Uk
Recommended Fully
I would second that;

This is the way any audio distributor / dealer should operate in India.

Good Showrooms + Lots of Stock + Gear on Demo & In House Auditions.
Balanced product mix.

I would like to see many more audio dealers / distributors in India to follow this model. It is good for the industry & for Audio at large !!

I would second that;

This is the way any audio distributor / dealer should operate in India.

Good Showrooms + Lots of Stock + Gear on Demo & In House Auditions.
Balanced product mix.

I would like to see many more audio dealers / distributors in India to follow this model. It is good for the industry & for Audio at large !!


shanti--sorry they dont give inhouse demos
but you can take their opinion for granted--they didnt even charge for the foot prints of my b&w 804 s
It is nice that you had a good experience with them.

On the other hand i find these people lousy, my view on these adverser people is there for everyone to see on this site.

Indeed they have the best showrooms and range, but below that is filth, they could be delivering damaged goods, charging for something and delivering something lower, i had bought from these guys 2 items, both were damaged and what not, and worst is their services, their staff are penny crooks, and the owner munir is so snoobish, etc, the lies which they speak, is like a milk man mixing water in the milk.

Vinay Grover
That is so sad to hear;
I was under the impression that AVI or A2V as they are currently known are the best that India has to offer. They are rather professional. Have full stock on demo and all finishes & their transactions are transparent.

Well sad is a small word, they are more of a shady people, they may have the best to offer, who knows what they are over charging, delivering defective goods, and what not, as they have delivered 2 items to me faulty, and then when replace twice both the times again they bring faulty goods, i buy a dvd rack, which they delivered faulty and i realized later on, they refused to replace, the rack cost is 14,000 bucks, they should deliver for free, they charged me 400 bucks for the taxi, while it should have never been more than 250 bucks, than you know they did not assemble it, it took me more than5 hours to assemble it, is this not a jackal company, and then guess what, till today they have not given me the bill, i chased them more than 30 times, i do not know by which standards they are professional and transparent.

I thank you very much for hearing me out.

Best Regards
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Hey Vinay; I am sorry to hear about your dvd rack. However, I am surprised, I did not know that A 2 V sold audio furniture. This must be some stand rack that they get made at nana chowk - Mr. Randchod [fabricator].

Essentially, if you buy any 'audio gear' like cd player - amplifier / speaker etc, they have stock and deliver fresh un opened products & delivery charge within Mumbai is free & they also install it for you.

They products carry a warranty and it is well adheared to.

I have found them to be a very very professional & clean in their deals.

Experience With Dealer Mr. Munir


Indeed they sell audio furniture, the rack was a imported one, which you can see in my blogs.

Well the comapny's name which you mentioned at nana chowk, what a sick name of the company, one would pucke, what kind of a class they would be having i wonder? Such a name even appearing on this site, is a insult to this site.

Indeed the stock should be fresh and good in all respects, but you can see what mr. muniar is delivering, and the av receiver/dvd player rack, was rejected total thrice, so you can see what are the ethic levels of mr muniar and his staff, they even want to rob on the taxi fare, and you can see they did not install it, it was a complicated rack for fitting so it took more than 5 hours, so at the end of the day i do not understand what warranty they adhere to.

Indeed you find them profesional and clean, but i find them the worst, in view ofwhatever i have written in this and earlier message.

I thank you very much for hearing me out.

Best Regards
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hi vinay,
dear chap its a business like anything else. They sell a lot so maybe they are a little snooty or un responive. But i think and have experienced (many times) the after sales service which is on the ball. In fact i would say A/V and lakozy(Priyesh Patel) are better than the other ones we have here in bbay.
Everyone has different experiences

Well what you are saying is true, i have known several people who just go to a branded shop and buy the things anticipating that they will sell only at the fair price, but i have seen many of them charging high prices like i had mentioned.

Indeed there will be dealers with a fair price and related.

Hi again, I have met most dealers in the last few years. Am so crazy about systems etc that i go check them out even when am not intending to buy so most of them are now relationships developed over years. Just a few years ago there were just a hand full but now there is an explosion. As a buyer one has to be very well informed about the product and the price. I would almost never go by reviews just my ears. I believe all magazine reviews are biased. Am sure people here will disagree. Incidently am once again looking to upgrade my speakers so am again in touch with a few of these dealers. So maybe ill have a few more things to share!!! Hope they are pleasant.

I like Priyesh as a person;
Really a nice guy.

Very Helpful.
However, his ability / knowledge in audio is far from average;
If only he knew as much about audio as he does about Plants !!!

But, I love to deal with him. Clean Transaction.

Hi Shanti,
I know priyesh from college which goes back 20 yrs. He is a very decent guy and as far as knowledge goes why would i rely on him or anyone else. Poor guy is not well maybe from sitting too close to all the PLANTS. Ha ha. regards.
Hi Guys,
As i mentioned earlier in the thread i was in the process of slowly upgrading the entire set up over the last couple of months(gosh it took ages) and apart from the usual suspects i had interacted with for years i got in touch with Boomarang @ Juhu, Mumbai for an amplifier.
These guys are reasonably stocked dealers and will give home demos. Brands carried are MA,Dali,Quad,Wharfdale,Marantz,Musical Fidelity,Bryston,Cyrus,Arcam and some more.
Really enjoyable experience apart from the delay in getting the amp which was basically a goof up from the distributor in chennai. The only let down was that they were at the other end of town and getting to Juhu from South mumbai at any time of day is painful. I requested if i could come over to audition various bryston combos late at night!!!!!!!!! To my surprise they readily agreed and so we had a few sessions of experimenting till way past midnight(beer always on the house).
Good work Vijay and i have made a friend in gratin. Honest,articulate and well informed guy.
Try them out for ur musical needs.
Correct !


Gratin & Vijay are great guys.

I like them a lot. Gratin is well informaed and both of them make a great team; They are 'honest' persons.

They are also very well stocked.

I find them to be the best dealers in Mumbai.
They have a 'sweet' demo / show room. Only problem I find is parking.

Nice time I have had on Saturday afternoons.

I recommend to deal with them. 2 thumbs up !!!!

Hi Shanti,
U are right on the ball!!!! I like them too.
Parking is a problem in bbay period!!!!!!!!! City is exploding from its seams buddy.
Gratin is like a good audio cable. Honest,clear,revealing and very well informed in his field.
Hi guys, I am new to this forum. All I can say is that it it doesn't matter what a dealer stocks, or whether he has stock or not (You can always place an order). He is good, only if he lets you demo at home, period..........and luckily for me, we have several of those in Bangalore.

Finally, congrats on a very nice site. The discussions and suggetions are much better than in audiogon.
is that not a given ?

He is good, only if he lets you demo at home, period...........

I was under the impression that it was common - in house demo !!
Is that not the case ?

You first go to dealer - audition what you like.
Then call for the final 2 articles home & keep one and pay the dealer for his product & services !!! Is that not the norm ?
SNV would !!

Wish I could say that about then dealers in ...Pune.


If you are a 'serious' purchaser - SNV - will give an in house demo.
I know he visits Mumba to give clients an in house demo !!
Drives all the way here - sets the gear up @ clients house & then makes the sale.
This is the least Mr. Lulla or any one else should do.
Even SS in Mumbai offers In House Demo's !!

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