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Sep 23, 2009
Plasma TVs have been lately overshadowed by the ultra-sleek LED-lit panels, but that doesn't mean they're irrelevant in today's fast-moving HDTV market. In fact, these self-illuminating displays still deliver some of the inkiest blacks and high contrast visuals from flat-panel displays. That's because plasmas do not require backlighting unlike LCDs. This allows individual pixels ................

Full-HD plasma roundup - CNET Asia
Well here are some of the top sets they have mentioned -

1. Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A (50-inch plasma)

CNET Asia rating: 8.9 out of 10

The good: Class-leading black level; immersive 3D-like visuals; bassy and crisp sound; quality remote control; abundant A/V tweaking options; effective Optimum mode; ultra-thin bezel.

The bad: Soft PC text; 1080i-only component-video; fixed stand; no front/side HDMI.

The bottom line: The Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A gets our stamp of approval in the audio-visual department, plus an Editors' Choice for its relatively pocket-friendly pricing.

2. Samsung PS50B850Y1M (50-inch plasma)

CNET Asia rating: 8.4 out of 10

The good: Clean and sharp visuals; good blacks and natural colors; IDTV; YouTube playback via Yahoo widget; DLNA network multimedia streaming; Wi-Fi-ready; backlit remote; ultraslim and attractive design.

The bad: Bezel rattles if bass is set too strong; tight port placement incompatible with thick cables; stain magnet and scratch-prone; mismatched metal stand; slight buzzing noise.

The bottom line: The Samsung PS50B850Y1M is an attractively slim plasma TV that offers all the latest bells and whistles with good picture quality to boot.

3. Panasonic Viera TH-P54Z1 (54-inch plasma)

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Viera TH-P54Z1 is Panasonic's 2009 flagship plasma HDTV powered by its new NeoPDP technology. The Z-series, together with the V- and G-series, offers two key propositions for home consumers: Eco-friendly double luminance efficiency and better picture quality. Another notable differentiator is the TH-P54Z1's sleek 24.7mm-wide bezel, thanks to its enhanced electronics and external A/V media box. Is this Viera the long-belated Pioneer Kuro killer?

4. LG 50PS80FD (50-inch plasma)

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The LG 50PS80FD is the only full-HD plasma entry in the Korean chaebol's 2009 HDTV lineup, unlike Samsung and Panasonic. This sizeable 50-incher is unique in its own way due to a few key features. These range from a stylish borderless design to extensive multimedia video support up to 1080p resolution. What's more, it's also priced very aggressively at S$2,999 (US$2,208.02), making it one of the most affordable models to come loaded with most of the good-to-have extras found in competing, more pricey TVs.

5. Panasonic Viera TH-P50V11 (50-inch plasma)

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When Pioneer announced its exit from the plasma TV business earlier this year, many industry observers believed the panel technology was reaching its end and other manufacturers would be expected to follow suit soon after. However, this hasn't been the case. In fact, Panasonic's 2009 plasma offerings show that the Japanese electronics giant is still very much in the game. Its latest high-end V-series plasma takes on the current range of LCD HDTVs with its updated NeoPDP eco-friendly panel. We take a closer look at the 50-inch model, the TH-P50V11.

I have posted the details here itself from the site.

As of now the Sammy is doing well and has come out with an excellent model, only worry is when will it be available in India and at what price ?
When can we expect Samsung PS50B850Y1M in india???

It would be great if they do indeed market these TVs in India . Funnily the Samsung website shows the pictures of series 5,6,7 and 8 when you click on the plasma tab but there are only two tabs to select(ie the 6 series and 4 series).
Also if the 8 series does land here it will still be more expensive than the V10 (which costs around 127000). As mentioned earlier i haven't observed them making any late releases especially at this time of the year. But again marketing strategies can change
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