Group Buy LG OLED 55/65 WhatsApp Group (for Ahmedabad/Gujarat 2021)

Today, I went to few shops. Every store I talked about only 1 TV that I'm going to buy for sure - LG C1 65 inch (2 units). Vijay Sales gave the best discount hands down.

2,24,000 VS final price
-2,000 LG festival discount
-12,500 Card discount
- 1,500 VS reward points (to be redeemed in any VS store)

I think this deal is likely to get better as Diwali approaches. So, I'm looking forward to another expedition next weekend. I'll keep this thread updated with what I discover.

PS: If you need me to find out something for the units you're looking to buy, then reply here on the whatsapp group.
Today, we got a counter offer for G1 from Reliance Digital, which remains stuck at 2,07,500 price for LG C1 65 inch. They offered 2,05,000 for LG G1 65 inch. In effect, they are offering G1 for a price cheaper than that of C1, because they have limited units of C1.
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