Jul 15, 2008
Hai guys,
I'm planning for a two channel amplifier.
What is your suggestions on HK-3490 Harman amp.?
Any one here using this model?
Currently I have wharfedale 9.6 f.standers., Yamaha AVR and Samsung DVD player and Technics deck.

I like listening western and Indian.
Irrespective of music category I prefer solid bass and bright mids.

My yamaha RX-661 is not satisfying me for this propose.
So I am searching a 2 channel amp. and Universal DVD player OPPO.

For 2 channel amp, I would like to know impressions about HK.
I have heard Yamaha and HK receivers. Not much difference. If ur budget allows try out the Jolida 1501RC (46K). Its an hybrid amp with an output of 100 watts, plenty of punch and you can change the sound by replacing the tubes in the input section. So if you like deep bass u can use MUllard ECC803 more detail then BEL 12AX7. Although the only dealer I know of is in Pune (Cadence).
Hi Ajit

I tried the HK in JBL showroom in Mumbai , they are really better then the yamaha and the denon stereo amplifiers , The sound is very clean and i dont know how to express the sound , it is good check it yourself,

Hi ajith

The price quoted for HK3380 is 24k
HK 3480 is 28k
HK 675 is 30k
Kindly add taxes to the above rates. They also had some AVRs but i was not interested in them , if you are interested i will call them and inform you the rates.

Hi All,

I got these rates from SFX showroom in Mumbai................please do give your comments for the price and the Combination...................

Harman/Kardon Amp 133 + JBL 133 cine satellite speakers - 21500
Yamaha 6030 + JBL 133 cine satellite speakers - 19500

Heemanshu Midde
audition the hk, preferably on your speakers before you buy it. a lot of people love the hk, but some people dont like it at all (im of them). highs are too harsh, mids are flat and not musical at all. but solid bass and excellent sound separation. parts of it are good parts arent
I second Afj. HK is a great Jazz, American music amp but is not 'sweet' or 'warm' sounding at all. It really depends on your musical tastes whether you'll like the HK sound or not. Audition it at least once with the right pair of speakers (JBL, Klipsch...)
Hai guys,
I'm planning for a two channel amplifier.
What is your suggestions on HK-3490 Harman amp.?
Any one here using this model?

Hey dude i m using HK3490 from past 3 months and i am also using ES 80 PR JBL with them its a very good two channel amp to go for power rating there is 120 W RMS per channel and will cost u 30 k .
At these price points you are better of sticking to a Nad C352 or a Cambridge audio 640A or 740A amplifier. These are much more refined and evolved amplifiers.
am not sure of prices in india but the cambridge / nad is WAY better than the HK. i've havent listened to them paired but from individual characteristics i think the cambridge would be a better match to the jbls
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