harmony 1 vs harmony 885


New Member
Jun 19, 2009
i was keen on buying the Harmony 1 for a while but couldnt find it in Mumbai. finally gave in and got the 885 at Croma for rs. 15,000. 2 hours later i get a call from my dealer saying Hey i got the Harmony1 you wanted (its 19K). Great!!. Now heres my dilemma:
Do i return the 885 and get the harmony1 or are they virtually the same and should i stick with the 885s and save 4 grand. what do you folks think??
The basic difference is that Harmony One has got a touch screen.

I had specifically avoided Harmony One, as it cannot accommodate more than 3 additional buttons on the screen. Whereas 885 gives you 8 buttons on each page. So it is so much easier to use.

And I also felt that touch screen would be more of an inconvenience, because screen would keep getting smudged if we use it with soiled hands while eating food/ pop corn/ biscuits etc.

You have made a good purchase. Enjoy it.
Only one piece was there. It was faulty. Display was too bright in the middle. Had almost bought it for my friend. And they wouldn't agree to get any new stock for me!! Now I know what these discounts can mean...
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