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Help me decide the location of channels 6 and 7 Speakers (Rear / Front)

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier


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Sep 15, 2009
Help me decide the location of channels 6 and 7 Speakers (Rear / Top Front)

I am going for Onkyo 6200 shortly which supports pro-logic-iiz / 7.1 channel.
I was going through this article,
Sound & Vision Magazine - First Listen: Dolby Pro Logic IIz
It says the following,
soundandvisionmag said:
I did all my comparisons in 5.1, switching the height speakers on and off to gauge their effect. It would have been nice to try a 9.1-channel system, but the TX-SR607 doesnt allow it; you can use channels 6 and 7 for the rear surrounds or the height speakers, but not both.
I need to check whether Onkyo 6200 will allow,
  • option a)additional two height speakers along with 7.1 setup or
  • option b)will allow two height speakers along with 5.1 setup only.
If Onlkyo 6200 allows only option b, can I use my channels 6 and 7 speakers for rear effect or can I use it as height speakers in the front.

My Interest is 90% Movies & 10% Music.
I am also sure that both rear & vertical effect will come a bit scarcely maybe some 5/times only throughought the movie.
Eventhough I am thrilled to feel vertical dimension effect like (thunder,rain, flight, helicoptor etc), it is going to be at the cost of rear surround effect.
Please help me to decide which setup will suit better?

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