Help me setup my HT


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Aug 18, 2009
I was looking for HTiBs and my Budget was ~20K, but when I took the demos (Sony, Philips and Samsung) I was not pleased:sad:. Then the salesman gave demo of an entry level HT setup, Sherwood AVR and Jamo 406 Speaker set and I liked it:).
And now I am here, looking for options for setting up my HT:rolleyes:. My criterions are:
1. Room size 12 X 15 in silent surroundings
2. Usage Movie 50% Music 50% (Party occasionally)
3. Budget around 30k now and ~10K can be spent later for expansion

Speakers: I liked the Jamo S 406 speaker set. @ 16K its worth.
Are there any other better options at same price range:eek:???

AVR: All I know is that I can get only an entry level AVR in my budget of 15-17K. But i dont know what are my options???:confused:

I for this price range there are not many options available, but that makes it easy to for you to suggest and for me to buy.

I checked many posts to help myself but many components mentioned in posts are already out of production.

Please Suggest some models which are available in market and also there expected cost :sos:
If you like it after audition, go for Onkyo 5105 HTIB which should cost you ~30k. This ser has a decent AVR.

Once you have more budget, upgrade the fronts with a decent set of 2.0 or 3.0 fronts.
Is the AVR of Onkyo 5105 HTiB good enough for future speaker upgrades???

Also in this forum I herd that Onkyo HTiB like others are good for movies but not for music. I am asking this because i liked the Jamo setup for both Movie and Music...

Please suggest some decent entry level AVRs...
And good alternatives to Jamo 406 in same price range...