Help needed buying 32" LCD tv


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Aug 2, 2009

I am a newbie to buying electronic gadgets, especially such expensive ones.

Market seems to be loaded with LCD TVs however, I can't tell one from the other. I was wondering if you could help me buy a LCD 32" on the following grounds:

1. After Sales Service
2. Price
3. Picture Quality

Any help would be appreciated much.
After sales service- LG> Sam> Sony > Pany
Picture Q - Sony> Pany> Sam > LG
price -Pany<Sam<LG<Sony

all are subjective though.
I would suggest you buy a 42' plasma as it has better value unless your a videophile.I to plan on getting a TV soon and it would most probably be a LG PQ series around 40 to 48k.I'm just searching around for the best price.
Okay, my Sunday adventure got me to this:

I looked at numerous 32" LCDs all at once. This is the synopsis.

Panasonic is among the cheapest. However, I wasn't very happy the picture quality when compared to Samsung.

Due to budget constraints, I have zeroed in on 2 choices..

1. Samsung 32450B
2. LG 32LH20

Samsung is expensive by INR 2K. However, I saw no "significant" differences in both. Long term, I don't know.

It's easier to find reviews on the internet for Samsung than LG. Don't know why.

The deal I got was as follows (under exchange of 29" CRT Flat TV):

a) INR 37000/- for Samsung (inclusive of LG Home theatre - speakers, woofer, DVD player)

b) INR 34000/- for LG (inclusive of LG Home theatre - speakers, woofer, DVD player)

Hmm....What should I do?
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Since you are upgrading from 29" CRT there will be NOT much of fun with 32" LCD. If you have min 10-12' viewing distance then 40-42" will bring in excitement.

If you are low of budget you can think of plasma. The main disadvantage in plasma is the high reflectivity and hence requirement for darkened room conditions.

Otherwise you should think of waiting till you have sufficient budget for 40" LCD.
If you have made up your mind on above 2 options then go for Samsung.
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I understand that 29 to 32 will not be much difference. However, I do have constraints. Besides the viewing distance is not more than about 8 - 9 feet. 40" will be a bit too big for the room it is to be placed it.

So you suggest Samsung over LG (even if its a little more expensive) ??
well the samsung 32B450A should be available for a lot less at around 35k,that lg home theatre is mostly crap,u can always buy a better hometheatre.
Yes. On it's own, the Samsumg 32B450 is available at 32K. Under exchange it's available @ 29K. Add a Philips Home Theatre to it, total cost = 36K
Yes. On it's own, the Samsumg 32B450 is available at 32K. Under exchange it's available @ 29K. Add a Philips Home Theatre to it, total cost = 36K

So 7K for Philips Home theatre! I wonder which model, does it include player? With HDMI output? But I guess these are the ones without any digital inputs. For similar prices you can get nice desktop home theatre systems from Altec Lansing, Creative, Artis etc., which have digital inputs and sound much better too. You can buy DVD player with HDMI output separately.

Go for Samsung without HT offer.
Yes. On it's own, the Samsumg 32B450 is available at 32K. Under exchange it's available @ 29K. Add a Philips Home Theatre to it, total cost = 36K

well then get it without the HT.i highly doub't its a upscaling dvd player that they are giving with the HT package which costs around 7k,the sound will be crap for sure.even some HT models priced above 15k have crap sound even a sony.
What is your location?
Read all older pricing tips by me -anyway if you have patience search hard -you may get a food 40 -42" HD ready lcd
In the end IMHO 40 Inch HD raedy is far better than 32 Inch Full HD ...
Now search for discountinued models if they are available --sometimes you hit a good bargain

What is your maximum stretched budget???
My location is South Mumbai (Malabar Hill).

I have zeroed in on Samsung 32B450. As adviced, I am going in WITHOUT the HT.

The best quote I have is 28K (with exchange of my 29" Flat Phillips TV)

If there are any last piece of concrete advice like... "I cant get you a 40" for the same price" or "The same TV can be got for 25K"... please let me know. I will be deciding tomorrow.
Hemant: It 'was' a Philips 29" inch flat screen tv. Quiet honestly, I don't know the model number.

To Everyone:
Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I had the Samsung 32B450 delivered yesterday at my place.

The price I got was INR 28,000/- after exchange of Philips 29" Flat TV. I also got an HDMI cable free but I don't know what to do with it as yet.

Please let me know what you feel about the deal I got.
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