Help Needed in Choosing the best combination of Component HT Systems


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Feb 12, 2008

I'm new to the hi-fi world and planning to set up a Home Theater System. My budget is 60k for Receiver(7.1ch) and Front Floor Standing Speakers.
Later I will upgrade it to 5.1 or 7.1 System.
I will be using it in ratio 70:30 for music and cinema.

I am considering the following
Receiver : Yamaha RX V661
Speaker : Jamo S606, Polk Monitor 60, Boston VR2

Please recommend which to choose.
Can u suggest other components in this range.
Assuming that these are your final shorlisted products, you can set up a decent system with the yamaha 661 and Jamo S606.

If you spend some time browsing through similar threads here, am sure you will get more ideas.

Best regards.
Thanks for the comment.

As u suggested I browsed through this site,
but now i have more choises,
like MShort Avant 906,908, Wharfdale diamond 9.5,9.6.
I also got a lot of information on tecnical aspects.

I want to know about bi amp, will it increase calarity in FS spks or just that u can have high volume.

Do FSs like Jamo 606, Avant 908, and Diamond 9.6 with large drivers(8-12in) give better quality sound when bi amplified.

Or should I go for a separate sub woofer and a FS with out big drivers(like polk PSW110 and monitor 60).

What's your opinion about Yamaha RX V661(are they worth the cost 29k)

I auditioned some of the speakers, but the sound we here is all based up on setup, so if a good quality speaker is not calibrated well it will sound bad. whats ur personal opinion about these speakers.
Bi-amping improves the overall quality of the sound reproduced as 2 amps are driving the speakers for the separate crossovers instead of one.

IMHO any speaker capable of bi-amping sounds better than connected otherwise. This is a much debated concept but has come across as definite differentiator compared to biwiring in blind fold tests across the world.

Having or not having a sub has nothing to do with over all sound quality, volume or for that matter even bi-amping. A sub is advised when your front speakers are not able to go deep. Bookshelves may benefit from a sub where as many cases you can choose not to add a sub with full range floor stands. It?s more of a personal choice.

In my sole personal opinion, V661 is not worth the money. You can definitely do better with Denon, Marantz or Onkyo.

I think all the speakers mentioned above are good in their own ways. If you can stretch a little, I would like to suggest MA BR5 also in your audition list.

All the best.
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