Help on Sound Diffuser


Dec 26, 2008
I am confused on Sound diffuser. some say it should be made of wood while others say a book shelf is enough and a website of Ethan say books are not good sound diffusers. I feel a statue made of clay hung on a wall also should do the job but in doubt. Can anyone suggest me in how to make a good decent sound diffuser and what materials should be used, which wont cost a bomb.

Thanks in advance
Also please throw some light on diy absorbers and bass traps also (for living room). @Mods, I believe that i am not hijacking this thread.
To the second question on bass traps, it's extremely difficult to control bass frequencies. A large mass will do it, but the trick for bass is mostly to do with speaker placement and seating location. The easiest thing to do is cut it at source, so plugging speaker ports (ports are the number one problem for excessive and uncontrolled bass bloom at typical listening distances) or using EQ for problem frequencies is a better bet than trying to push speakers near a wall and then mess with bass traps.


I was installing a system for a friend of mine that was into music and the ported sub just was not doing it for him. As a simple measure, I rolled up a bunch of clean socks and plugged the port which immensely enhanced the sound quality and tightened up the bass a fair bit. Inexpensive and uncharacteristic yet highly effective solution for bass management. Other things to use to plug the ports are "port plugs" which is nothing but a roll of sponge.

These materials are high on absorbtion, low on reflection and vibration.
I'm gonna get some sponge and experiment tomorrow. It wont damage my Wharfies will it?
So my speakers will still render 45hz signals only it wont bloom? Or will plugging it affect the freq. response of the cones?

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