HFV Members - Your Names (Real) Please .


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Jun 15, 2009
Searched for this topic, but couldn't find any. It would be nice to know each members' actual names. And How did you come up with your User-Names.

Myself - Mahesh.N.Hegde (Initials with surname = mnhegde).
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@srinisundar :::: Sundararajan Srinivasan:)

Residing at Royapetah / Chennai...
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Real name: Ramanathan Srinivasan

Aka: Madbullram (Madras Bullet Motorcycling Club Ram) this is how I am known mostly

U would also see me as Madcatr (Madras Catering Ram) in some forums, it comes from my Hotel Mgmt from IHM Chennai :)

ha ha !! i thought "madbull" had to do with a robert di nero complex :).
no offence meant, obviously.

this only goes to show how wrong one can be with assumptions.
i have one or two more of them, but i'll reveal my (wild) ideas only when the respective members reveal their names.

my name is ranojoy chowdhury. the id is self explanatory.
Pandian. :)

BLASTO is my name in Motoracer multiplayer game in college.. :yahoo:
Then it stick to me whereever I went.. :rolleyes:
Name: Kamal Kant Hans.
kamal to my friends.
Guess I don't have the imagination to think up a mysterious sounding Forum ID !
Name: Asit Kumar De (usually written as Asit K De)

Obviously, I belong to the less imaginative group here.

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