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Dec 28, 2006
hello guys

can u help me in picking up a home theater in a box for around 35k . the basic purpose that i need it is for movie purpose. can u also tell me how can i get the best deals

please help
thanking you all
For under 35K you can get a good HTIB from either YAMAHA or SONY.

Check out your local Sony Showroom for the DAV-DX120K for 16K. There are other models too for more.
thanks for replying'

sony is just not my interest can u please tell me maybe for denon or onkyo

thanks for replying'
sony is just not my interest can u please tell me maybe for denon or onkyo

I have the following setup and planning to sell it for 60K. definitely not possible for 35K but can come down little bit on the price if you are genuinely interested.

Denon AVR1905 - 7.1 Reciever, DTS, NEO, Dolby PLII etc. All that starry features except THX. (The least THX certified Denon Rxer costs around 2 lakhs i guess)
6 X S.5 - Athena point 5 Surround speakers.
1 X C.5 - Athena Point 5 Centre speaker.
1 X Sub100 - Athena Subwoofer.

Set is 1 year Old. All are in immaculate condition. All speakers and SubWoofer are Timbre matched guarantee from Athena. Reason for sale is need for money.

I guess the setup costs around 90K in india. I paid around 70K including duty etc. I am thinking of selling at 60K, but can come down little bit if you are genuinely interested. Call me if you are genuinely interested.

Best Regards,
Anil @ 9448014535
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For under 35k you get the Sonodyne Cinique package....they beat the pants out of any Onkyo or Yamaha package in this price range.
Project : To acquire a complete value for money system
in 45-50K. Time frame to deceision making process -
2 months.

Dear Folks,

I am a complete novice and am really looking forward to
all of you for help and advice.

I am from kolkata and am afraid will not get all the
brands that are available in mumbai - bangalore circuit.

For the last 2 days am exploring the net for expanding
my awareness on the subject. First time realised that
there exists these forums and there happens so much
exchange of information. Was only wishing how nice it
would have been if there existed an indian counterpart
and then accidentally bumped into this site....!!

Thank god i got this site. At least i can verify with all
you expert audiophiles what i learned is right or wrong.

It all started with one day me visiting a local
electronics show room and asking for a home theatre.
And like most of us, idiotic morons, was getting excited
to whatever was being served on a platter...the lg,
samsung, philips, sony, akai, sansui....

The first time the eye brows shrinked when realised only
25% of catalogue is actually on display. Noted the http
and came back home. some sites i wrongly rememberd
so naturally hit google. And lo! there you are.....!!
So much to learn so much to cover. I instantly fell
in love with the subject.

So, here are my learnings, and guys please validate or
object. Pls just dont sit back and scroll down and log
out. say something, at least.

1. All the so called big brands are also passionate like
the smaller prestigious but lesser known brands..but
their passion is not placed on the product. Its rather
on the market share, profitability and wooing
the customer. Customers would do well to drink a bottle
of flavoured milk (nutritious-but not advertised) than
a pepsi or coke ( which has manufacturing expense of
90 paise per bottle and we buy at 10-12 Rs)..rest is

2. Its good not to jump into conclusions. Patience is
the key. In the process of gathering info, what today
looks like a wise deceision, tomorrow becomes obsolete.
So hold on...after all its a pleasue to suffer in pain
of not being able to get what u want even if its there.

3. While the av receiver is science, speakers are all
about craftsmanship.

4. The best parameter to watch out for a receiver is
THD over complete frequency range rather than say at 1khz.
And in all respect it has to be below 1%.

5. Not all wattage talk is bullshit. More wattage
more money. Plus bigger the wattage, clearer is the
sound. There is a layman's indicator attached here:
the heavier the receiver, the better. Why? Simple,
Amplis, actually convert power to sound. How will
they handle big load more easily if they themselves
are not muscular?

6. Another laymann's logical thinking. Unless i eat
more how will i produce big bang. So it is not possible
for a 150W power consuming ampli to give u 1000W music.
So look for higher power consumption figure.

4. Time changes, world changes, and so does technology.
So it would be wise to be future ready. For example
HDMI...world is awaiting desperately to upgrade.

5. But what to do, neither the tv nor the dvd has
such options. Hence, when we upgrade to HDMI dvd
we need to be assured that we need not again upgrade the av.
Relax, the key is to look for input output ports. The audio
signals have to only go thru receiver, and if it has
separate 7.1 inputs u r thru...
Even if u bring home a new hdmi compatible dvd, and
a blue ray movie, they can be joined together themselves
(i assume you have hdtv with hdmi port)

6. Speakers: This is the toughest part. again thumbrule-
the more the rms value, the clearer will be the sound. The
idea is no component shd be over loaded...or there is

7. There are 4ohms, 6 ohms and 8 ohms. Impedence matching
is now a thing of the past. Only point worth keeping in mind
lower speaker impedence will draw more and overheat the set. And
vise versa, but for a 6ohm out put speakers og 8 ohm will
not have difference in sound quality. Yes of course, the wattage
will be low. Almost all receivers are now with overload protection.

8. Lower the sensitivity of a speaker, u will have to turn the
volume knob more. anything less than 88db is not quality speaker.

9. U only live once, so u only buy once. Very few indians go
for upgrade, as we dont have a vibrant e-bay community
or availability of refurbished shops like west. And beleive me
everybody, overstreches the pocket. So buy a good receiver
and connect anything that "speaks" to it. Later on, as u r able
to pump in more moolah, change one by one. u will become a famous
"donor" of speakers. neighbourhood will also find amazing each time
they hear ur music it is better than previous time.

10. I seriously beleive its possible to build something which would
be true value for money combination within 45-50k.

Guys..........now the floor is yours.

One last thing- is there antbody who wd be willing to upgrade and sell
me his velodyne cht front row.....?? I guess they are the maximum
applauded speakers in their category. The company seems not producing
them anymore............thanks all of u.

You also have option of buying Jamo S406 5.1 speaker set for 23700/- and yamaha RX V359 AV receiver for 14000/-. costs a bit higher but worth. You get two floorstanding speakers so you can also enjoy music and jamo speakers comes with a warranty of 7 years. a very good deal for this price. This setup is available for this price at CROMA.

Hi, One of the very good all in one Home theatre system I Know is Marantz ER 2500 model...very good in picture quality, very musical in sound and the small speakers are too precise the sound reproduction, I mean you get the real reproduction of the originals. Also It cost you around 40K in India.
Hi Prashant,:)
Do try to have a demo of Onkyo HTS R-800 HTiB before you decide.Sells for about 39K in chennai. Its a 7.1 system & has got a cool 230w 10" Subwoofer.Look wise it's similar to it big brother the HTS990 THX.Worlds first THX certified HTiB...manufacturer Claimed....
AMP section is solid, so you can upgrade the speakers in future...

Have you been to a Pro-FX shop , they've got a package comprising of a Denon 5.1 Receiver + Two Pro-FX Branded Tower Speakers + 2 Surround+Center+1 Active Subwoofer...all for 45000 Rupees.
Sorry I'm not sure of the model no though...;)

I'll try to come up with some more options...Soon...:cool:
I can bet for the best HT effects you try Marantz ER2500, it also call as Holywood take 2. if you r in Bangalore i can help you to listen to them. Chennai checkout any marentz seller about it even if you didn?t get an audition take a comparison opinion with onkio or Profx low end speaker.
Hi Friends,

I have heard a lot about Sonodyne as a decent home grown solution for various sound requirements. Visited their website and realised that the products have decent specs and prices. The question arises about the quality, availability, servicing, reliability and finally value for money. These aspects can be commented upon by someone who has experienced Sonodyne.

http://sonodyne.com/sonoguide. This is the link to their speaker packages.

Request any FMs who have an insight on Sonodyne to enlighten us.
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