Home theatre build up...HELP...SOS...


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Aug 31, 2009
first of all i love the interest of ppl in music out ere....:clapping:

now down to business.....so i am about to setup a home theatre system
out ere at my place in delhi....and have never been so confused...

#i want it for both music and movies(u can say 50-50)...
#i have a 46inch lcd tv to which ill connect it...
#i have a kind of small room 10*12 feet....
#my price range is 80k

now i want the followin
#as i am a movie freak,i want to view some in HD quality,so that means that
i will need a blu-ray player that can also play lossless so that i can get the
proper experience.
#i also want to hear music in good quality....i listen to rock mainly so wud like some good woofers out der...

now i checked out the BOSE(yeah i know u guys hate it...lol...)
but found the 5.1 costly...
but there was this product called virtual surroound sound...
sounded pretty decent costs around 60k...
but i wanted to know that is it that good...

and now if i go for some other products like polk,marantz,denon would i be able to get the warranty and stuff and also please tell me that which is the best available for home theatre in my price range....

PLEASE HELP....:indifferent14::indifferent14:
Welcome to the Matrix Neo..
Still need to get to know whats real..

What you will find here(in this forum) is a great deal of AVRs and Speaker/Woofer combos, which will make u wonder, why didnt we start this from school
This is what I have been going thru since the last 4 months and still not been able to finalize..

Rather than asking you ur specific requirements I will tell u what I feel would do justice in 80k budget as an all rounder

AVR = Denon 1910 (39k)
Speakers = Either Q-Acoustics 1010i (45-50k) or Energy 5.1 (30-35k) or Moviestar 70 (27k) for combo packages / Wharf 10.1 BS (14k) + Wharf 10.1 Surround (11k) + Wharf Center(15k), leave the sub for the time being
Well, buying Bose is not a crime, but members will help you in understanding what you are getting into ;). If you have some patience, are willing to spend time and effort, you will help yourselves to the get the best bang for your buck. At the end of all this, buy Bose if you liked it the most in the systems you have heard/auditioned. The ultimate goal is you should be able to enjoy what you liked and bought (and not what others suggested).

Try Yamaha 663 (~35k) and if you are looking at QA 1010i or similar package for speakers, go for bigger book-shelves in the front (1020 from QA etc.). This will help you in enjoying music in stereo mode, dealers will be happy to swap the front surrounds with BSs at a cost. FSs may be overwhelming for your room size.
Hi Audiophiles

As I mentioned in the intro thread even I am on a look out for a decent HiTB setup, though as I said i would not start a new thread for my queries until I get my hands on my new apartment with ma dedicated HT room. Now coming to a small query, what is ideal size for a room with a setup like a 42" LCD a Q-Acoustics 1010i with either a Onkyo TX SR505 or a Denon. Also when I say ideal size I am also particularly emphasizing on power and quality of the speakers which should be top notch considering the room size.

PS :: Given a fairly moderate budget of 80K like out friend Ankit has here, what would people down here suggest, opting a complete 5.1 HiTB setup or collating independent pieces together and build an HT.

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Given a fairly moderate budget of 80K like out friend Ankit has here, what would people down here suggest, opting a complete 5.1 HiTB setup or collating independent pieces together and build an HT.

Your budget is decent, definitely go for a separate amp/avr and 5.1 speaker set.
well thanks for the replies guys...:)....my thought process is startin now...

excuse me being a novice in this matter :eek: but i wanted to know that

#how much does it matter quality of the receiver on the quality of sound...
and is that more necessary than the speaker set...

#difference b/w denon 1910 nd 1610...

#and yeah i wud prefer smaller set of speakers as i want to give a neat profile...

#the important thing that would i be gettin proper service in india on these sets....
what happened brothers....wat shud i do...

bTw temme one thing that is denon 1910 the best...??
and if yes i want satellite speakers to go with it....
which are best for those..??
Yamaha 663 is available for around 30k and if you are interested in cute sats, QA 1010i package will satisfy that need along with your movie/music preferences. This is a frequently recommended combo on the forum.

Since you are in Mumbai, please audition as many of these combos as possible and decide. There is no "the best" AVR and it is always a subjective decision within a price range.

And don't worry on service, you should be able to get service for any components you buy with bill and warranty.
Hi Guys,

Need your help, in selection form HT for my living cum dining room. ( L shape - 16x10 + 10X10 (dining))
I have narrowed down my requirements
1. Music & HT viewing - 50%
2. Satellite speakers (space constarined in the layout)
3. Budget - 1.0 L for speakers, AVR, Cabelling
4. additional Budget 1.0 L for Blue Ray Player & LCD TV 40-46Inc

above budget streachable by 10-15%, for a high qulaity HT expereince

I am based in Bangalore, and want to finalise the system this week.

rajiv Jain
I thought we are in the midst of a recession... It is raining lakhs and lakhs of budgets on HFV... :lol: :eek:hyeah:


There is a recent thread with similar budget (around 1lakh)... Please go thru it and other threads and come back with more queries... Being in Blre is definitely a plus and your budget is also a plus, well almost :eek:hyeah: (big budget means lots of options and difficult to decide).

Note that the more time and effort you spend on homework, auditioning etc., the more value you will get in the long run. A week to finalize your setup may be too small compared to the forum standards, but I have read about people who have done it in a day or 2... Take it easy, I am sure you will get lot's of help...
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