Home Theatre for 50K


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Mar 13, 2008
Hi Gang,

Looking for some good suggestions about a component Home Theatre system for Rs 50k

75% Audio listening and 25% movies

Sharpness is more vital than being loud and noisy.

Layman in audio technology,do not have any audio system currently.

What homework did you do so far? Depending on that you will definitely get suggestions. A quick search in this forum should give you enough ideas to begin with.

Best Regards.

I checked Bangalore showrooms got whole kits from Onkyo,Denon+Jamo combination,Yamaha sets.

All of the above combinations the Denon+Jamo combination sounds good.

From the site i found a Marantz+wharfdale diamond speakers are the best combo.

Please advise what will be the best combination.

Thanks Unleash,

I can get a Denon Amp at Pro Fx,how about grey ones as they are quite cheap?
What is the model number of the Wharfdale Diamond speakers?
Where do i get the diamonds in Bangalore?

Depending on the size of the room, you can choose between the speakers.

Diamond 9.1 is a bookshelf model where 9.5 is a floorstanding one. There is also 9.6 but it needs a lot of breating space to shine.

You can add SW-150 or SW-250 depending on your needs with the matching center speakers.

You can get them in-

Decibels, Gem Plaza, Infantry Road
Anand 9886722937 or 41132164


Vector Audio, Brigade Road.
Ramnathan @ 9880551444 or 25543287/41128686

All the best.
I would advise against Diamonds. Very unexciting speakers. You can do much better for the money. For example there is a Tannoy bookshelf on sale on this very forum. 9k asking for 2nd hand. Even new that woudn't cost more than 16-18 and would be a lot better than the wharfies.
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