hsu uls 15???


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hello friends

as most of you guys know i'm stiil fighting for getting best subwoofers for my ht room

i change topic every day for subwoofer becuase i have done mistake once with polk subs and it doesn't mean they don't soung bad at all but i don't have that feeling with them like we used to do it our local multiplex
so don't want to be make mistake again for subwoofer

i have first opt for av 123 sub but received an email and they don't deliever outside us

so what about hsu uls 15 cost around 1300 dollars

and i also like its design .brothers i want both design and audio

i buy polk psw 125 because i like their design but don't have that feeling from audio

so anyone ever import hsu subs from outside india

i also ask about velodyne dd 18 from delhi and price is 1,90000 rs.

i thought why not opt for something differnt like two or four subs in that price range
and also some brothers told me about deftech supercube subs but i have search them and in avs forum they don't get that much love and some guys also wrote that they can't go down that low by their own specs like if supercube 3 has 11 hz down frequency then he tested it and its actually 21 hz so he said always add 10 hz extra on those subs

so any thoughts on hsu subs
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