HT 5.1 Speakers in 5 to 7K range


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Sep 8, 2008
Hello All ,

I am planning to buy Onkyo receiver TX-SR576 from US. I have taken care of
step down voltage etc already.

Now I am looking for a speakers around 5 to 7k range. Can some one suggest me good speakers at this rate. I am ok to buy the speakers separately and assemble in some local speaker shop.

Can I use the creative or Philips computer 5.1 speakers for this.

Please suggest.

Creative/Altec Lansing could be on your list. Wasnt too happy with the Philips I had seen at ezone..

Edit: sorry, they have their own built-in amps, not suitable with the AV receiver.
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Are you from mumbai? There is a shop called Alfa in irla who were selling Yamaha 5.1 Speakers with Active Sub @ Rs 6000-7000.(Grey without receipt)
I haerd that these cheapest yamahas not very good ot of course they will be better than Philips or Sony or creative.
Also most of philips or creative are powered and you already owe a receiver.
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It seems that you have a good reciever to buy,but may i know why you are hunting for 5.1 speakers in such a low range,quite frankly you would not get any good brand except for local made for the mentioned budget.Even if you get,you may not enjoy the contents that you play.I would seriously recommend you to reconsider the budget and strech to do some justice to your onkyo:).
Computer speakers are no match to the HT speakers.
So Reconsider

It's a bit of an injustice to get a decent receiver and then go for bargain basement speakers....because the speakers are the most important component of your sound.

Why don't you do this? buy a pair of bookshelf speakers.....maybe the wharfedale diamond 9.1s....they cost 11k.....and then build up the rest of your 5.1 system using wharfedale diamond components as and when you have cash (ie, buy a pair of 9.5s or 9.6s for fronts and move the 9.1s back as surrounds, or buy more 9.1s or maybe 9.2s for the fronts...etc.,) can extent this logic to any range of speakers...not just the wharfedale diamond....
I would seriously recommend the psychotropic's suggestions.This way you will end up having a very good HT,Ideally speaking this is a very common method that audio enthus follow
Along with the excellent Diamonds, do check out Q-Acoustics, CA, MS Avant and may be the Norge bookshelves also - if you are on a tight budget.
Thank you all for the Suggestions. I am based out of Bangalore.
I liked the logic of psychotropic , I will go for the BookShelf Speakers Initially
and then later buy the other speakers when I have the money.

For the SubWoofer in the manual it is written as "Subwoofer Pre Outs" that means I need to use only the Powered SubWoofer i.e. with the amplifier and with the power supply?. Please confirm.

Also the BookShelf speakers where do I need to attach them , I mean is it the Central Speaker or the Front Left and Right Speakers.

Please suggest.

Yes, You will be using a powered Sub for your HT,which is connected to your Reciever,The Reciever will be just sending signals and your Sub will be powered with its integrated Amp.Simple...

Regarding the Book shelves,You are adviced to buy a pair of them(ie Front left and right).This will be initially a Stereo setup,where you will be able to enjoy good music,that too if you go for a bookshelf from Wharfedale or Klipsch,it will be even better.Then as you get your budgets,you will be adding the Center,Surround,Rear speakers(same Brand is adviced)
This way as i mentioned earlier,you will be happy to have a nice HT.
Does it make sense?
Have Fun
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