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May 20, 2008
hi everybody..i want to buy a good audio system for myslf..i currently own a Samsung Bordeax art 32",a ps3 80gb,a samsung home theatre x30(i guess),sony walkman 1gb (attachd to my ps3 via usb). i will buy a tata sky and worldspace receiver by the end of this week. My problem lies in the fact that i am very dissatisfied with these samsung speakers,n hence,i plan to upgrade. i dunt ve much knowledge about it but i surely like Logitech Z5500 speakers,the advantage being it can support 6 devices simontaneously. My budget would be somewhere around 20-40k. So guyz please help me out in making a good choice of speakers. Also mention if i need to attach an amplifier for supporting multiple devices. Thanks in advance. :)

The logitech you mention are a good set of speakers for what it costs. However, they will still leave you dissatisfied. My advice would be to spend on a dedicated HT. I am suggesting HT because you mentioned Logitech Z5500. If you only want two channel, it will help even more as you can utilize your money on a better quality 2-channel setup.

The budget that you mention 20-40k, is pretty insufficient if you go the separates route. So I'd recommend get yourself an HT package. That way it works out to be somewhat economical.

If you want only 2 channels, and you don't mind pre-owned stuff, you can get a decent sound for the 40k you have allocated.
I'd agree with Ranjeet !! its not sufficient for a proper set-up,you try Hi-TB from various companies like the one from onkyo (HT-S580,590 and so on ) or Harmon JBL combi. They are not a blockbuster sounding system but will surely be better the samsung that you've mentioned.

dude..i dun wanna go in fur a pre owned system..i also wantd to enquire that:

-is there a requirement of an amplifier for supporting the devices i have mentiond simultaneously? if yes, kindly suggest me some brands with estimatd prices!! all i ve heard about amps. is that Yamaha one's r the best 1's! :)

-how do SONODYNE speakers perform?? sumbdy suggestd me those..wth a yamaha amp..but i was doubtful on the aftr sales service and warranty issues. I would prefer a brand whose service z the best!!
There are Altec Lansing Speakers at about Rs 10K.

VERY, VERY nice sound for that price.

Has a selector for multiple inputs too...

Check out at Computer retailers.:)
Jes chekd doz altec lansing one's ...6021..but dude deez r jes 2.1..p.s. nt launchd in india..so i dun fink so that their service wud be given :(
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