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Dec 4, 2008
Chennai, India
RULES states:
All publicly displayed messages are limited to the English language. This includes posts, titles, signatures, and any attachments or other forms of public display.

Pleas ensure you post only in English. I see lot of posts in native tongue, though we understand its in lighter vein, it puts others who don't understand the language in a difficult position.

So request all to adhere to this practice.

I am just reminiscing my college days while reading the posts in the thread! Hemant, that was hilarious!:eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah:

Hi audio_engr,

Great initiative. I must say a few members including myself have minimized time in the forum because of the things you exactly have pointed out. I have been in touch with a few forum members and they all share the same view.

Thanks and regards.
Cap'n, Someone's gotta be serious, no? ;-)
(Basically I was grinning ear to ear seeing some of the posts with excellent humor and was pulling myself back to hard facts)

Audio engr, As you said, the forum requires more Mods, as the existing Mods though they do a good job, would find it a strain as more members join.
Asit ji, Pray, do not stay away from the forum. I am big fan of your elaborate and meticulous threads!

Past couple of weeks, a few members of HFV (self incl) have been discussing that we've been noticing inappropriate use of language, writing style and the general tone used by some members which is not a very welcoming thing in this small and wonderful community of ours - that happens to be like a Family!

I've spoken to the SuperMod about this and have suggested that as the Forum is growing larger and attracting newer members of different cultures day by day, we require a "stricter governance of the Forum" and a constant monitoring of the Threads to ensure compliance of the Rules & general etiquette.

I have also recommended addition of 2 more Mods to ease the pressures on our current Mod who has handled the Forum in an excellent fashion.

It would be nice to see appointment of additional Mods at the earliest.

Great initiative. I must say a few members including myself have minimized time in the forum because of the things you exactly have pointed out. I have been in touch with a few forum members and they all share the same view.

Yes Indeed,I have been stressing this from god know when !! I have been off a bit myself due to the changing nature of the forum and participate in threads in seldom :p!!

In the past as well whenever I posted that I was off due to some reason the Super Mob has been very kind to shoot a PM immediately and ask for the reasons,but thats where it ends,coz my request for more moderation and such has not been honored :sad:!!

Infact in the beginning I had several times offered myself for the mod's role but again to no avail !! So I've stopped forcing myself doing the same over the time period as I have no intention to......................

Anyways I hope this time around things change and you good folks have made some Impact on the Super Mob to reconsider his stand and add few more mods ;)!!

Dear friends

We must all know and accept that the world has people not only of various hues and physical attributes but also have different takes on life.

It is unfair (not to others but to own self) to expect others to confirm to one's own ideas.

As long as someone is not offending one personally or hurting one's sentiments, it is fine I guess.

We must all remember that this is an interactive forum of willing adults to share their passion for music and not a military regiment.

If those who run the forum concur with such disciplinary views of certain members, then it should be known to all so that the so called rebels take their call (of remaining or quitting the forum)
Couldn't agree with you more Rajesh.

If anyone finds anything not to his/her liking, ignore and move on. Only if posts become generally offensive and purposefully insulting must moderation be exercised - it has been successfully done in the past. Just bcuz new members join in, I don't see why a new overdose of moral policing is suddenly needed for a few itchy pie. Lets not put a leash on free will.
Hi Rajesh,

Good to see that you have an open and embracing attitude about life in general. However, I am sorry to say that your view, while very generally acceptable to me, is over-simplified. Some of us have seen the whole world, have embraced many cultures and have friends from all parts of life, religion, economic background, so in no way this view can be called a narrow or regimented view.

I can cite many many examples wherein a poster does not hesitate to call other members a name. Some people do it in a shrewd way, not using foul language, and some do it in the crude way. And no matter how much we say that we better ignore and move on, but in actuality do we really ignore? Whenever people have a chance, some tend to take a dig at others, without ignoring.

I come from a very unprivileged class of the society, but with whatever I got, I'd never compromise with rude and insulting behaviour, especially when there is no provocation, more so when there is no objective basis. This has happened too many times in the recent past.

There is report post (red triangle) button available to report offensive/insulting/spam post. One can use that. I have used it to report spam, It works.

:) cheers
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Hiten, you are right, the report post option is always there if one finds something obectionable. But with increasing traffic our mods will have difficulty in handling that too.

It would be great if the community is self moderated/ unmoderated. But sometimes its necessary that someone steps in when things go out of line. Also people may post threads in the wrong section when they are not familiar with the site, only mods can organise these threads correctly.

Cap'n, Unleash
Its nice to see that you are so broad minded. Your posts make one think about the other side of the coin too.
But over the last many months, we have seen many beloved members getting in differences over certain issues and then bidding good bye to the forum. Those events all sprouted up from minor issues and would have remained that way if they had been contained.
Sorry for the long post, but this is a great community and I really wish things go well here.
I agree with the Capt. wholeheartedly. I feel foul language SHOULD be moderated. But pray tell what is "inappropriate use of language"? Who decides this? How is a mod qualified to certify what is appropriate and inappropriate? For example someone would classify this - "scared the sh** out of me" as inappropriate language. For me - it's part of the way I/we speak and a lot of people I know or do not know would have no objection to this.
The same goes for "writing style" and "general tone". IMO, these cannot and should not be moderated. There are some people here who are not very fluent in English and I notice that they write in English the way they would speak in their native tongue and I respect that but others may object to this style of writing and tone. SHould these be moderated? IMO, No!
Please, please do not attempt to moderate anything subjective.
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