Is it worth importing projector screens from USA/UK for some one with a budget of around 100 USD/GBP


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Sep 17, 2010
Vijayangar, Bangalore
Hi All

In the ground floor I have the Liberty grandview pull down projector which is more than ten years old and for many years now I am not using it as I have shifted my core HT to first floor. However the screen works properly and when I was using it earlier, I was pretty happy. Do note that I was using an Acer 720p projector and I am not a pixel peeper.

Now my first floor HT setup has the Insight 120inch screen with two huge stands on both sides which is kind of fixed permanently. The screen is ok for my kind of viewing. Currently using an Aukey 6 projector and for movies cannot complain much. Only issue is the huge stands..both of them are in triangle shape and occupy 1.5 feet each side of the triangle. Not only does it look kinda ugly compared to my pull down grandview, it also occupies huge space. In fact I had move my subwoofer infront of the screen since the triangle stands dont leave space for it.

Now my USA BIL is visiting my UK BIL and my wife and kids are going to London to join the party. They are flying BA and I think they get 23 kilos cabin and 23 kilos checked in. So I can get plenty of stuff definitely from UK and also from USA if its not too much of an hassle for my USA BIL to get it till London.

Here is the question - I was looking at Elite screens and other well known brands and the prices are in the 25K-50K bracket and even higher. OF course one needs a 4K projector to take advantage of such screens. Was wondering if one can replicate such 25K plus costing screens by hiring a carpenter in Bangalore - is the material for such screens available in folded/courierable form factor and available for under say 100 USD?

Not sure about my wife but have told my kids that they have to fully utilize their 46X2 kgs and hence drawing a list of things I can import from UK from a HT perspective. Any suggestions are welcome. I need to upgrade my AV receiver to Atmos and change my Aukey projector as well as I see some patches appearing when it gets hot sometimes.

So for AVR, the Denon 1700 is available for 550 GBP and 2800 for 700. Can check with the retailer if he can generate a bill for a lesser amount so that I dont have customs issues for the 2800.

As for the projector - well there are Viewsonic and Epson 4K projectors for under 900 USD in USA. Did not find great deals in UK. Need to do further research.

I am ok with the speakers I have right now. Not worth spending more for our viewing needs. Any other items that my kids can get - please suggest. They have plenty of baggage allowance.

Since I am very satisfied with my Aukey except for the patch issue, wondering if its worth spending on a 750-1000USD 4K projector or just stick to the 100-300 USD full HD ones. See the list from the review below

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This video kind of helps. Not sure if we get it in INDIA. So will have it shipped to UK. Around 30 dollars for 133 inches screen

Found this Indian video as well!
Last edited: the groview 818C based on the above review..but didnt like it..lying unused with...gone back to my 12 year old 720p Acer...Till I have someone get me a 4K projector..will stick to Acer
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