JBL L890 or Polk RTi A7 or Klipsch RF82 ?


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Jul 24, 2008
I am looking to put together a 2.1 system and have been auditioning speakers...

Of the speakers I have heard, I liked JBL L890 and Polk RTi A7 ... the JBL sounded more clean compared to the Polk, but the JBL was fully burned in while the Polks were fresh out of the box. Also the Polks seemed to lean into the bass more. Would a properly burned in Polk sound as good or better?

I have heard a lot about the Klipsch and the RF82 fits my budget, unfortunately I have been unable to find a place where I can listen to them.
Also the guys at Sumaria informed me that now Klipsch RF82 Floorstanders are not available standalone and only come as part of a HT package.

Can anybody tell me where I can demo the Klipsch and/or buy just the RF82 floorstanders in India?

Also those who have heard the Polks and JBL and Klipsch... which in your opinion is better and why?

Btw I have demoed KEF IQ9, Mirage Omni 550, PSB, Jamo ... but preferred the JBL and Polk over these...
You said you are considering a 2.1 system so I presume you do intend to add a sub to the setup
If that is the case, you may as well want to lean towards a leaner (read tight but quantitatively lower amount of bass) but more revealing pair of speakers like the Klipsch RF-82 or KEF iQ9

If your fronts move a lot of air (like the Polk Rti) and if you have a sub coupled wit the setup then you'll have a hard time setting up the sub, and unless the room is accoustically treated, you will have major issues handling the bass phase delays

I am saying this from 1st hand experience since my media room has a pair of Phase Tech V12 Floor standers (and they generate a good amount of tight bass) coupled witha Polk DSW Pro 500 and I need to keep the sub off all the time.. unless I am watching a DD/DTS encoded movie
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i've owned the jbl l890's and thoroughly enjoyed them. sold them and bought the monitor audio rs6. they're better than the l890s through the range, not greatly but definitely quite a bit better. also more musical
ok thats a lot of good advice...

Yes I am planning to put in a subwoofer and that is why I was keen on the Klipsch RF82s but now i don't know where to get them :(

I have heard a lot of good things about the MA RS6 ... will try to get a demo soon...

Anand ... do you know where I can find a dealer/retailer for paradigm speakers in bombay?
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